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Buffy and Angel Merchandise

Buffy Videos

There are numerous Buffy videos now on offer. The box sets of entire Season One, Season Two, and Season Three Episodes are now available. Other videos to choose from are : Welcome to the Hellmouth/The Harvest, Innocence, Becoming. Check out Blackstar for Britains largest selection of videos and DVDs. They offer good discounts on Buffy and Angel box sets.

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There are many mini-series' of Buffy and Angel books. Some are novelisations of BtVS episodes whilst others are new stories. Amongst these are 'The Xander Years', 'The Gatekeeper Trilogy', and 'The Angel Chronicles'. Longer novels such as 'Immortal' have also been written.

There are also many reference books accompanying the series, both official and unofficial. The official companion is 'The Watcher's Guide' and contains episode summaries (Seasons One and Two), cast and character info, behind the scenes info, colour pictures and loads more. The 'Sunnydale High Yearbook' is also worth a look with great pictures and in-jokes from the show.

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Magasines and comics

In the UK, there is 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer, the Magazine' which comes out monthly and is available from most good newsagents.

Other Goodies

Buffy t-shirts, mugs, photos, diaries, hats, etc. can be bought all over the place. Try 'Crash Designs' and 'Collectors Warehouse' for a good range. See 'Links'.

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