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Love & Loss

The characters involved in Buffy have all had more than their fair share of heartache and pain but however far apart they may be, there have also been the good times. Here we can take a closer look at the lifes and loves of Buffy, Angel, Xander, Willow, Riley, Cordelia, Oz, Giles, Jenny, Joyce, Faith, Spike, and Dru.

Buffy and Riley

Buffy and Riley Buffy first met Riley in The Freshman when she (accidentally) dropped a pile of psychology textbooks on his head. At first, he seemed more interested in Willow who actually knew something about the Psychology course as opposed to Buffy's comment - Well, everyone has a brain. However, it soon became clear that he was after Buffy even though he thought she was a little peculiar. Buffy was worried about revealing her Slayer secret but as it turned out, Riley did some demon-slaying of his own as part of The Initiative. The two hit it off and became an item for over a year as they grew closer. However, this relationship drew to a close in Season Five's Into The Woods when Riley revealed that he didn't feel that Buffy neither loved nor needed him and he agreed to join a government mission to South America. Riley gave Buffy the opportunity to save their relationship by giving him a good reason to stay but it was all too late as Buffy ran to the departing helicopter seconds after take-off. So Riley flew out of Sunnydale and out of Buffy's life leaving room for......Spike?

Buffy and Spike

OK, so we all know that Spike has always had it in for the Slayer. He's killed two..blah blah blah...just waiting to get his third...blah blah blah...evil little bitch...blah blah blah... BUT, hold on a minute. Spike's chip seems to have done more than make him unable to hurt humans, it's made him love one too. Season Five has seen the romance that many have long waited for finally blossom on our screens. Fine, 'romance' and 'blossom' may not quite be the right words but there it is. Spike has it bad for Buffy. Lurking around her house, stealing her clothing, and taking pictures of her have all led to Spike's infatuation with the Slayer. Buffy, oblivous to all his attention, seemed content to keep it that way until Dawn offered the information that "Spike is totally in love with you". Filled with disgust and rage, Buffy continually rejected any moves from Spike once he told her those three little words in Crush, leading her to ask Willow to perform the uninvite spell on him from her house. Spike was last seen asking a university student to make a robot Buffy for him who would be totally devoted and in love with him. Anyone else think she might be a little pissed off?

Buffy and Angel

Angel and Buffy first met when Buffy arrived in Sunnydale. Angel introduced himself as a friend although Buffy was wary of his presence. He gave her a silver cross and told her to be careful of the Harvest.
Buffy: Who are you?
Angel: Let's just say, I'm a friend.
Buffy: Yeah, maybe I don't want a friend.
Angel: I didn't say I was yours.
Their first few meetings consist mainly of Angel turning up to warn Buffy of impending danger.
Angel: I won't stay long.
Buffy: No, you'll just give me a cryptic warning about some exciting new catastrophe and the disappear into the night, right?
Angel and Buffy In the episode Angel, they share their first kiss and moments later Buffy is horrified to discover that Angel is a vampire. Although she wavers, Buffy realises that the time has come to kill Angel. When she confronts him she lays down her weapon and offers Angel her neck. The look that they share gives them a deeper understanding of each other although they realise that this can never be anything. However good their intentions are, Buffy and Angel are inexplicably drawn together and at the end of Prophecy Girl they go to the junior prom together.

At the beginning of Season Two, Buffy returns from summer vacation cold towards everyone including Angel.

Buffy (to Angel): Uh, could you contemplate getting over yourself? There's no 'us'. I'm sorry if I was supposed to spend the summer mooning over you, but I didn't. I moved on. To the living.
Once Buffy has cooled down and ground the Master's bones to dust, their relationship progresses as any other couples...they quarrel. Buffy's sexy dance with Xander leaves Angel jealous but once it's sorted out they carry on until... . Things get worse in Reptile Boy as the age problem and dating a vampire get in the way.

Buffy has to cope with some more bitter truths about Angel in Lie to Me when she finds out about Drusilla, the girl Angelus tortured to the point of insanity. Buffy absorbs this and their love grows through What's My Line? and Bad Eggs where Angel worries about the future. Then, on the night of Buffy's 17th birthday, in Surprise, they reach the apex of their relationship and sleep together. Unknown to them both, this is the biggest mistake that they could have made. The following morning Buffy wakes up to find herself alone in Angel's apartment. Soon enough she finds out that their moment of passion turned Angel back into a demon who will turn out to be her worst enemy.

Until the end of Season Two, Angelus makes Buffy's life a living hell and although she cannot at first bring herself to kill him, the time comes in Becoming when she faces her long lost love. Just as Buffy is about to kill Angel, his soul returns and he is her lover once more.

Angel: What's happening, Buffy?
Buffy: Shh..It doesn't matter. She pulls away to look at him. Kisses him passionately.
Buffy: I love you.
Angel: I love you...
Buffy: Close your eyes.
Then, in a moment of bitter irony she sends him to hell to live a lifetime of torture. Buffy cannot come to terms with what she has done and spends the summer in an un-named city away from her friends and family.

When she returns, she is just about managing to regain some sort of normality in her life when, out of the woods comes Angel (Beauty and the Beasts - Season Three), an animal driven insane by his time in hell. As Buffy's mind races, she decides to help nurse Angel back to health whilst keeping him secret from the rest of the gang. No matter how she may try, they find themselves in each other's arms before realising that they can never regain what they had. Once Angel is better, they seem to put the problems out of their minds and return to being more-than-just-friends.

However, the issues of Angel's immortality come up and knowing that Buffy will be unable to make herself let go, Angel tells her that he will leave her and Sunnydale after the graduation. They share a last dance at the prom together before the battle with the mayor and then, on the day that Buffy and friends finish high school, Angel takes one last look at Buffy before walking away into a cloud of smoke.

Buffy and Ford

Buffy had a major crush on Billy Fordham in fifth grade whilst in Hemery High. However, Ford was a sixth grader and would never talk to her although he knew how she felt. Ford shows up in Lie to Me - Season Two and tells Buffy that he has moved to Sunnydale. Buffy is extatic though Xander and Angel are jealous. What Buffy doesn't know is that Ford is dying of brain cancer and he wants Spike to make him a vampire in return for giving Spike Buffy. This leaves Buffy to find out the hard way that her sweet-heart actually wants to hand her over to the enemy. As usual, a battle ensues in which Buffy escapes but leaves Ford to be sired. The minute he rises from his grave she stakes him and he explodes in a cloud of dust.

Willow and Oz

Willow and Oz meet in What's My Line - Season Two and share their first kiss in Phases - Season Two although Will has just found out that Oz is a werewolf. Their relationship progresses well until Lover's Walk - Season Three when Willow and Xander are caught making out. Lovely as Oz is, he forgives Will a couple of episodes later and they are back on track. Their relationship reaches it's climax at the end of Season Three when they sleep together. These two are good together and should have a promising relationship. Well, at least until university. In Season Four, Willow and Oz seem to fit right into campus life. That is until Oz starts noticing a slightly-out-of-the-ordinary girl, Veruca. It turns out that Veruca is also a werewolf and athough Oz ends up killing her after she threatens Willow, he decides he has to leave Sunnydale and discover the animal within. So, at the end of Wild at Heart - Season Four another Buffy regular has departed and Willow is left 'a hollow shell and a mockery of the human condition'. Oz returns briefly for one ep of Buffy - New Moon Rising in which he manages to control his wolf problem, finds out Willow is dating Tara, loses control of his wolf problem, is caught by The Initiative, tortured, and finally rescued by Buffy et al. Any votes for Awwwww!

Willow and Tara

Willow and Tara first met at Wicca group were they were the only people more interested in actual Wicca than the annual bake sale. The two started doing magic and spells together and soon became very close. Willow first admitted to Buffy that she and Tara were 'together' together in New Moon Rising when she had to deal with the possible return of Oz. However, Willow chose to be with Tara, the person she loved, and the two Wiccans became an official couple. Tara became a full member of the Scooby Gang and along with Willow perform any spells that will help Buffy in her quest to fight bad guys. Willow and Tara are a strong couple and it seems as though both are happy where they are.

Xander and Willow

Willow and Xander vamps Although Willow has moaned to Buffy for over a season about how much she loves Xander, he has never thought of her that way and never makes a move. The first time that we see these two together is in The Wish - Season Three when their alternate reality vampires are the equivalents of Spike and Dru. Xander finally gets his act on in Season Three but by this time it is too late. Xander and Willow are discovered making out in Lover's Walk by Oz and Cordelia who aren't too pleased.

Xander and Anya

Anya first entered the world of Buffy as Anyanka, an evil wish-casting demon of scorned men who did nasty things to men. However, her run-in with Cordelia's wish in Season Three's The Wish left her trapped in the body of a teenage girl in Sunnydale. She became more and more of a regular character as she started to notice Xander as a potential mate. She asked him to The Prom and then said she was leaving before Graduation due to the mayor's ascension but came back in Season Four to be with Xander. They have been together ever since she offered her naked self to Xander as a means of progressing their relationship. Xander seems to have finally found someone he truly loves and wants to be with and has put up with Anya's adjustments to normal, civil life and the problems that she has encountered along the way.

Xander and Ampata

Xander can't believe his luck when Ampata seems to be as keen on him as he is on her. While he is at a dance in the Bronze with Ampata, the rest of the gang discover her true identity. Ampata tries not to drain Xander's life force with her deadly kiss and seeks out Willow instead but Xander's affection for his friend stops the mummy who then turns on him. Buffy comes along just as Ampata is shrivelling away and finishes her off.

Xander and Natalie French

The minute this substitute teacher arrived in Sunnydale, Xander was all over her and again refused to take Buffy's warnings that she may be dangerous because he thought Buffy was jealous. Xander accepted Miss French's invitation over to her place after school and was drugged by something she slipped into his champagne (this is the first time we see any of the slayerettes drink alcohol). When he comes around, Xander is in a cage in the basement ready to be eaten by the She-Mantis (Natalie). Buffy and the gang come to the rescue and Xander is left with a lifetime of humiliation.

Xander and the female Sunnydale population

When Cordelia dumped him on St. Valentine's Day, Xander felt angry and humiliated due to the fact that the whole school was laughing at him. He turned to Amy the witch and asked her to perfrom a love spell. This went slightly wrong as all the women in Sunnydale except Cordelia fell in love with him. This causes some comic scenes in Bewitched, Bothered, and Bewildered - Season Two as half the high school including Buffy, Jenny, Amy, Willow, and Joyce try to come onto him. Once the spell is finally broken Cordelia finds out about his true intentions for the spell and takes him back, to the disgust of her friends.
Cordelia: I do what I want to do. And I wear what I want to wear. And you know what, I'll date whoever the hell I want to date... no matter how lame he is.

Xander and Cordelia

Xander and Cordelia found themselves in each other's arms locked into one hell of a kiss in What's My Line - Season Two while hiding in Buffy's basement from a Tarakan Assassin. Cordelia naturally wants to keep their 'groping in a broom-closet' meetings a secret while Xander is trying to get her to admit her true feelings. Cordelia feels pressured by her friends to dump Xander in Bewitched, Bothered, and Bewildered - Season Twoand she does so but gets back with him when she renounces her friends and realises that he really loves her. Things go well for them until Lover's Walk - Season Three when Cordelia catches Xander making out with Willow and refuses to speak to him. Unlike Oz, she doesn't take him back and so ends their relationship.

Xander and Faith

Faith In The Zeppo - Season Three, Xander rescues Faith in his car while she is fighting a member of the sisterhood of Jhe. He gives her a ride home and Faith invites him in. Poor Xander stands in disbelief as Faith says she wants to sleep with him. However, in typical Faith style, she kicks him out afterwards dressed only in a bedsheet and so ends their moment of passion.

Giles and Jenny

Jenny was Giles' only true love and despite their problems they were almost happy. Jenny first appeared in I Robot, You Jane - Season One and ever since Giles found out that she was a technopagan and knew about all the evil forces, he was smitten. Due to Giles' shyness, Jenny makes all the moves and takes him on dates such as the monster truck rally. When Giles' past comes back to haunt him and Jenny is possessed by the demon Eyghon, their relationship slows down and comes to a screeching halt in Surprise - Season Two when Jenny is revealed as a Kalderash gypsy whose tribe cursed Angel. They begin to forgive each other in Passion - Season Two but they are never given a chance as Angelus catches up with Jenny and snaps her neck.

Giles and Joyce

In the episode Band Candy - Season Three, the town is flooded by a type of chocolate that makes everyone feel young and immature once they have eaten it. Unfortunately this included Giles and Joyce who decided to relive their youth and went out on the town. Buffy doesn't discover the truth until Earshot - Season Three where she can read people's minds.
Buffy (to Joyce): You slept with Giles! On a police car! Twice?!

Spike and Drusilla

Spike & Dru Spike adores Drusilla and would do anything for her. When she first arrives in Sunnydale she is weak due to a run in with an angry mob in Prague and Spike's main aim is to cure her using her sire, Angel. Dru is also Spike's sire which makes Angel his grand-sire. When Spike and Dru find out about Angel-complete-with-soul, we notice that Dru still has some feelings for Angel which clearly annoys Spike. When Angel turns bad, Dru couldn't be happier but Spike begins to feel like the odd one out. In Becoming - Season Two, Spike takes matters into his own hands and runs off with Dru leaving Angelus behind to fight Buffy. When we meet Spike again in Lover's Walk - Season Three, Dru has dumped him and he's out for a love spell to get her back. Once again Spike disappears for an entire season and when he returns once more in The Harsh Light of Day - Season Four, he is Dru-less so we can only assume that his paramour has left him for good. However, Dru returns in Angel, Season Two and comes over to BtVS when she hears that Spike is in love with the Slayer, hoping to win him back. But after seeing Spike's strong devotion to Buffy, which nearly resulted in him staking his sire, Dru returns to LA and moans that even she can't save him now.

Angelus and Drusilla

Angelus sired Drusilla in England in 1860. After that, they spent some time together before Angel's soul was restored. When he sees her again in Lie to Me his pain and remorse is obvious. However, once Angelus returns, he immediately finds Dru and Spike and moves in for the kill. His intentions towards Drusilla are obvious and she is infatuated with him. Dru goes along with Angelus' plan to destroy the world until it is interrupted by Spike and Buffy. Spike whisks Drusilla away and then Angel regains his soul so their brief 'romance' is over.

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