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Buffy and Angel Links

If you are in need of even more Buffy knowledge or want to buy some merchandise, this is the place to be.

Actor's Official Sites

James Marsters Send him an e-mail!

Amber Benson A great site with tons of info and pics.

Alyson Hannigan Willow's Webpage.

Nicholas Brendon Nicholas, Nicholas, Nicholas...

(I'm trying to find them all so if you know of any please email me and you'll be credited for your submission. Thank you!)

Other Buffy and Angel Sites

Visit the New Official Buffy Website.

The Slayer's Lair - A great place for episode summaries from seasons 1 to 3.

The Slayer Sanctuary Version 3.0 The Buffy and Angel Shrine will bring tears to your eyes.

Planet Buffy is a great UK-based website and even has a special 'no spoilers' page for those who don't have Sky One. has loads of info on eps, pics, and a website directory. Regularly updated.

SonjaMarie's Buffy Pages An all-round Buffy site. Owner of a Buffy webring.

Check out Ultimate Buffy UK. A great site with two very cool games.

Ultimate Buffy UK

Merchandise Links

For UK visitors try WHSmith Online. Use the search facility to find Buffy books, CDs, and videos.

For Buffy books/comics, try Amazon and B&N.

Visit Power Star Collectibles for loads of goodies. They can also email you regular updates of new stock.

For t-shirts, mugs, comics, caps, etc try Crash Designs and Collectors Warehouse.

Check out Britain's largest online shop for videos and DVDs at Black Star

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