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The Cast

Buffy Anne Summers - Sarah Michelle Gellar Sarah Michelle Gellar

D.O.B : April 14, 1977 in New York City.
Sarah is an only child who likes to Ice Skate, Scuba Dive, Shop.
She has a dog named Thor.
Sarah is 5'3, has green eyes, and naturally brown hair.
The reason behinds Sarah's lack of air time in "Bewitched, Bothered, and Bewildered" was so she could work on Saturday Night Live.
Buffy's birthday is 19th January 1981.

Dawn Summers - Michelle Trachtenburg
Michelle Trachtenberg
Michelle is a huge fan of the show and refers to herself as a Buffy Encyclopedia.
She is best known for her roles in Harriet The Spy, Inspector Gadget, and All My Children.
Dawn is 14.
Dawn is The Key.
The Key will open a portal to Glory's home dimension but with it the walls separating all the other realities will crumble and chaos will rule in the universe.

Willow Rosenberg - Alyson Hannigan Alyson Hannigan

Alyson's birthday is March 24.
She appeared with Seth Green (Oz) in 'My Stepmom's an Alien'.
Pictures of Willow as a vampire have showed up on the Internet. The reason is that Alyson had one of the makeup artists make her a vampire for a Halloween party.
She has tattoos of tribal dolphins on her ankle and a Japanese kanji on her lower back.

Xander LaVelle Harris - Nicholas Brendon
Nicholas Brendon
In the episode 'Puppet Show', Nicholas Brendon added Xander's making Sid say "Redrum! Redrum!" and Alyson Hannigan added Willow's running off stage.
He has a scar on his elbow from baseball.
Nicholas has an identical twin called Kelly who appeared in Season 5's The Replacement.

Rupert Giles - Anthony Stewart Head Anthony Stewart Head

In 'Becoming', Anthony chewed on chili peppers during his torture scene to make his pain look more convincing.

Spike a.k.a. William The Bloody- James Marsters
James Marsters

James' off-screen talents include playing the guitar, singing, painting, and writing.
James' middle name is Wesley.

Anya Emmerson - Emma Caulfield Emma Caulfield

Tara - Amber Benson
Amber Benson

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