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The Stories

Where all the stories are. Feel free to contribute anything you like, as long as it's Hanna-Barbera Related

All writers will be fully credited for their work.

New Stories Towards the Bottom

Toonstock by Erin
Jellystone Park holds a Battle of the Bands contest

Frankenstein Jr.: The Beginning by Erin
A boy genius creates a thirty foot crime stopping robot for a science project

The Origin of The Impossibles by Erin
A superhero team, posing as a rock and roll band, save a scientists formula

The Gator Hunter Part One and Part 2 by Andrew Morrice
Wally Gator meets an Australian alligator hunter

Chef Huckleberry by Andrew Morrice
Huck Hound tries to bake a cake

The Conniving Casanova by Erin
The Impossibles face a jewel thief, who romances women, which includes Multi Man's girlfriend

Date Night by Erin
Multi Man has a date with his girlfriend, and he has to help Coil Man and Fluid Man stop a giant lizard from destroying the city.

Loch Ness Mess Part 1 and Part 2 by Andrew Morrice
Lippy the Lion tries a money-making scheme using Hardy Har Har as the Loch Ness Monster

HB House by Cullen Pittman
A wacky sitcom about 13 Hanna-Barbera characters all living in a boarding housea

Frankenstein Jr. vs. The Impossibles by Erin
An inventor reprograms Frankenstein Jr and sends him to wreak havoc on Civic City

Springtime in Jellystone by Erin
Yogi's romantic advice to Boo-Boo goes awry

Discophonic Rock by Erin
The Flintstones and the Rubbles meet Jerry Blavatrock, a popular DJ from Philastonia

Heroes to Zeroes by Erin
The Impossibles meet the Powerpuff Girls

The Name Game by Erin
The Impossibles vie with a girl group with the same name, to win a gig, and their name

Prisoner of the Stone Men by Mauage
While trapped in the Stone Men's village--without his club--Tor makes a shocking discovery

HB House 2 by Cullen Pittman
Return of the Spud

The Swamp Phantom by Sean Phillips
Buford and his teenage pals discover rumors that a puma is raiding the local farms

French Fried Lamb by Sean Phillips
Lambsy, Bristle Hound, and Mildew Wolf spend a day at a fair

Plant Pest by Sean Phillips
Auggie Doggie's African plant, "Carny," causes trouble

The Vale of the Lost Men by Sean Phillips
Jana of the Jungle stumbles upon an ancient colony of Phoenicians deep in the jungle while she, Montaro, and her white jaguar, Ghost help a man who is trying to locate his missing son somewhere in the Bazilian rainforest

Rock and Roll Squid by Erin
Squiddly Diddly joins his favorite rock group, the Sand Dunes

Fluid Girl by Erin
The Impossibles foil a jewel heist, with the help of Fluid Man's cousin

Superhero Showdown by Truffler
Yogi gets into a secret formula and turns into a monster

Mall Madness by Erin
The Impossibles help Yogi, Boo-Boo, and Ranger Smith save Jellystone Park from being turned into a mall

HB House Christmas Special by Cullen Pittman
The gang tries to prepare for, and save Christmas for the house

The Abduction of Corinne by <Tammi
Samson and Goliath set out to rescue Samson's girlfriend

The Big Spy Ring by Tammi
Several villians from the past threaten the Flintstones

Birdboy Faces FEAR by Tammi
Birdboy's search for his missing father

The Chief's Choice by Tammi
How the Galaxy Trio Came to Be

The Dragon Queen of Reptilia by Tammi
Space Ghost is rendered powerless

Greenlon by Tammi
The Herculoids meet the alien who sent the pod creatures

Perfect Strangers by Tammi
Tor and Tog meet new people while searching for the magic club

The Return of Timeatron by Tammi
Timeatron returns to seek revenge against The Impossibles

Up and At 'Em, Powerpuff! by Tammi
The Powerpuff Girls meet Atom Ant

Invisible Monster Resurrected by Tammi
The invisible monster has been revived, but by whom?
Shazzan Vs. the Crone by Tammi
Shazzan must rescue Chuck, Nancy, and Kaboobie from the one who stole the rings from their owner

HB House 3 by Cullen Pittman
Fishin' Impossible

Cartoons Who Care by Merilee
The HB Gang hosts a telethon