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How to Stop Systemic Yeast Infections
Learn the Symptoms of a Yeast Infection

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How I Addressed My Own Systemic Yeast Infection

ps. I did not know about the Kroeger Herb Candida kit back then (it may not have even been available then, not sure about that) or I would have used it. I respect the work of Hannah Kroeger very much and any kit with that name on it would be worth trying.


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I was in California, a few decades ago, when I first learned about how yeast infections can become systemic and pervasive. I happened to be in the perfect place to learn how to handle systemic yeast naturally, because there was a health food store or guru on every corner in the late 80's. Maybe that's still true .... but back then, it certainly wasn't true of a lot of other places on the planet.

I don't recall how I first got introduced to the news that white sugar wasn't such a great idea. However, after I discovered more about refined sugar, I felt I could definitely have systemic yeast due to having all the symptoms. I researched voraciously but was kind of a holistic health newbie at that point and a lot of the info was confusing. However, the healing of candida seemed to have a straightforward beginning albeit not an easy one for me - give up refined sugar and refined sugar products (ouch) and then, get the systemic yeast cleared out thru some means.

I chose a yeast detox (it was really good and all these years later they still have it available - it's called Candistroy) and colonics. I went totally sugar free for 30 days which was very hard for me to do, I assure you. And I didn't feel so great for at least the first week of that month. When yeast dies off in the body, it can cause a healing crisis and it certainly did in my case. However, after about a week, I began to feel like a new person.

Step # 1 To Tackle Systemic Yeast: Skip the Sugar!
To help your body normalize from a systemic yeast infection, consider a 30 day fast from all refined sugar and alcohol. Also limit high-sugar fruits or get your vitamin c by supplementation for a month. Be sure to increase your water intake while cleansing and to drink only pure water. Alkaline water is wonderful for helping the body detox, for example.

I know that may sound tough but, when I did it years ago, I was so pleased with the results that I can say the effort is worth it in cases of systemic yeast infection. I had so much more energy, slept better, and looked far better. My skin lost that pasty look it had developed too and I lost weight. And the best part is that, once I got the excess yeast out of my system, my sugar cravings stopped and they have never returned.

Help your body detox with colonics: I additionally had a colonics series done (a series of 6 or 8 I think) and took a yeast cleanse. Though I feel colonics are very helpful when helping the body heal from systemic yeast, I have had some pretty uncomfortable experiences with colonics therapy so it is important to realize that not all therapists have the same degree of skill.

Ask questions beforehand that will give you an idea of whether the therapist will respect your comfort levels. Getting a good colonics therapist can make a huge difference.

The lack of underwear and the exposed position that happens when a person gets a a colonic puts a person in a very vulnerable situation and you need to know that the person working the machinery has both gentleness and skill as well as empathy for the situation. I'd try to get a referral from someone who has gone to them. Ask the potential therapist if they can refer you to an existing patient for a referral and recommendation.

What About Anti-Candida Cleanses?
Like immune system boosting supplements, there are also a number of good yeast cleanses out there. In addition to getting off sugar and taking a series of colonics, you may want to use a natural yeast cleanse. Like colonics therapists, not all natural remedies have the same degree of effectiveness. Buy from a reputable company like Kroeger Herbs.

Health Disclaimer: The information provided at the wellness library is educational in nature and never intended to replace the advice of your doctor or any needed medical evaluation or treatment.