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Colonics for Constipation
Coffee Enemas for Constipation

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Two natural ways to address constipation - Restoring Normal Bowel Movements with colonics and coffee enemas


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This is part five of a 6-part article on chronic constipation. On this page, we are talking about the use of colonics and coffee enemas for eliminatory health. If you've arrived here directly, please start with part one on chronic constipation, part one. If you are considering a detox with colonics or a coffee enema, you may also want to read up on side effects of detoxing which may be experienced as your body releases toxins. Side effects are usually less with colonics because the toxins are taken directly from the colon but you may still experience detox symptoms. Related article: Your Posture and Constipation

My experiences with colonics, candida and coffee enemas:
I've had colonics before, several times in my life. The most drastic improvement I saw was when I coupled colonics with an anti-fungal cleanse and a sugar-free diet. I had suspected candida was causing my chronic fatique at the time and I definitely had sugar cravings that were off the chart so I decided to do a cleanse for yeast. Around that same time, I found out about colonics and signed up for a 10-colonic series. It was a great choice for me. I felt so good at the end of that 30 days and the sugar cravings never came back the way they were before. That was over 20 years ago and I remain free of sugar addictions.

I've also had coffee enemas before, which is the second eliminatory health process that I'll be talking about. I feel the coffee enemas have a benefit, particular for a sluggish but otherwise healthy liver, and also feel that overuse could be unhealthy or even dangerous.

Restoring normal bowel movements with regular colonics therapy: A colonic involves having pure water introduced to the large intestine gradually and gently held internally for short periods of time before release. What this does is hydrate the colon and stimulate peristaltic movement.

The people who will see the most dramatic results from colonics will be those who have habitually made dietary choices that have resulted in a dehydrated instestinal envionment. As the colon wall hydrates, and old, impacted waste moves through, there can be quite an astonishing amount of old waste released during the colonics therapy session.

What happens over time ( the colonics I've had typically lasted about an hour and my most common colonic side effect was cramping and nausea) is the restoration of healthy peristaltic action, the full evacuation of waste instead of partial evacuation leaving old waste behind with each bowel movement and, often, even parasites expel.

Getting regular colonics can help the colon strengthen and restore normal peristalis in a sluggish bowel. Talk with your colonic therapist about how often you would need to have a colonic, based on the state of your colon. Also discuss any existing colon problems, such as diverticulitis, polyps, etc., that might make a colonic contraindicated. Your colon specialist should be willing to full apprise you on what to expect during your colonic and should discuss colonic side effects such as cramping and make sure you are working with a sensitive therapist.

Coffee enemas are also great to get a sluggish bowel moving but be sure you use organic coffee, and also, make sure you get really good instructions on the percentage of coffee to use and the preparation. I have been told that about 40 percent of the caffeine will absorb so don't use coffee enemas if you are not supposed to have caffeine.

Important Health Tips on Using Coffee Enemas:

1. Using organic coffee ONLY is the most important tip. Non-organic coffee may contain unwanted additives and preservatives, including formaldehyde.

2. Don't add ingredients unless you are very sure they are safe to add. It's best to only use coffee.

3. Do not use water that is too hot. It can damage the rectum or cause spasming that may be uncomfortable.

4. Don't overdo it! Caffeine is a stimulant and the colon or liver can be overstimulated, just as you could any other system in the body. Enemas, in general, may cause dehydration and eletrolyte imbalances so whether using coffee or not, do not do enemas excessively or you risk unhealthy results.

If you want to try a coffee enema, S.A. Wilson seems to leading the way with their enema coffee. S.A. Wilson Emema Coffee is organic, processed very differently than tradition roast coffee, and far higher in tow ingredients that facilitate a successful cleansing enema: Caffeine and Palmitic acid. It's important to note that S.A. Wilson accomplishes this naturally and without additives. They also make sure there is no residue of chemical fertilizers or pesticides.

Eliminatory Health Disclaimer: Colonics and coffee enemas are presented as options for certain situations where eliminatory health has been compromised. They are not for everyone or every situation. If you have a pre-existing eliminatory health issue, please speak with your doctor before trying colonics or coffee enemas.