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Natural Approaches to Helping the Body Heal from Cancer - Can Cervical Cancer be Treated Holistically?


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Question on healing: Everywhere I find on the web says there are no cures for cervical cancer or hpv. Do you know of any holistic/alternative treatments?

Healing facilitation response: There are holistic formulas to help the body address just about every health challenge. Many prescription meds have their roots (no pun intended) in plant medicine. Having said that, I am also required to say that natural formulas are not presented as replacement for any needed medical evaluation, testing or treatment.

It makes sense that nature would hold support for the healing of the body if we think back to the time when there were no prescription drugs. Native peoples had to learn how to treat conditions naturally all the time. Did they make mistakes? Most certainly that had to happen. Has western medicine made mistakes? Oh, my goodness, yes. All you have to do is read about the latest drug recall. The difference is, the FDA is law and currently dictates which mistakes are permissible. I digress...sorry...back to subject..

Dealing with cancer successfully can include adjunctive therapies. Some report and believe that their having used natural remedies exclusively resulted in their beating cancer. These stories are ancedotal of course and not backed by expensive clinical trials. They are the word of those who had cancer and then did not have cancer that could be found on tests.

IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: I'm sure you know that the law prevents me from prescribing or saying that anything natural might do what medical science says isn't possible. So far, in this land of the free, I am still able to say what I believe though, and I do believe that.

As for hpv, I'd strongly suggest researching the impact of such vaccinations on the immune system if you are considering giving an adolescent girl the new, and in my mind too new, vaccine everyone is pushing. I know one company that has created a formula specific to hpv virus. They use a researched and tested blend of pure essential oils. It would personally be my first choice if I had hpv. However, due to new FDA regulations, they no longer make that product because we are no longer able to say that natural remedies are effective for treating std's.

The Stages of Cervical Cancer:

An informed patient is an empowered patient. In dealing with cancer, I advocate strong participation in your own recovery including asking all questions you feel necessary of your cancer specialist to help you make the most informed decision on your path to recovery. I am of the awareness that there are times when disease has progressed so far in the body that, at times, surgery or radical procedure is the best approach. However, I say that rather hesitantly because I also have witnessed the body's almost miraculous ability to heal anything if given what it needs to heal. You are the best judge of your body's state.

There are 5 stages in the development of this particular type of cancer, from Stage 0 to Stage 4. Learn the various stages of cervical cancer if you need to know this. Before you do that, though, I'd like you to consider what certain knowing may do to impact a physical situation.

Part Two: what i would do if i got a diagnosis of cervical cancer

Part Three: what if the cancer diagnosis is terminal?

What the asker of this question had to say about this cervical cancer series: "Thanks again Neva, I couldn't have gathered all the information you gave me in a year of google searches!"

Women's Health Disclaimer: The information contained in the alternative health care / healing questions posted here should not be construed as replacement for personal medical advice from your health care professional. Cervical cancer, like other types of cancer, is best treated when caught early so regular pap exams are important. If you have been diagnosed with cervical cancer, it's very important to discuss any adjunctive therapies, such as herbals or other natural cancer remedies, with your doctor.