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Use the google searchbox above to search a database of websites and blogs on wellness and spiritual wellbeing. The vast majority of articles are by with a few by select guest authors.

Very popular areas at the wellness library include the herpes simplex virus information section, the articles about diabetes, the health alerts about common side effects and the informative series of cardiovascular health articles. If your question regards detoxing, start with our detox articles introduction.

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What is offered here:
I hope to maintain balance of benefit here. For the person under the care of a medical doctor, I hope to provide helpful information on health conditions and prescription drugs as well as information on possible side effects that may be experienced with allopathic medicines.

Having said that, I will also say that your medical doctor may likely disapprove some of the natural remedies and holistic approaches mentioned on this website. It is my hope that you've chosen a doctor who respects the healing power of nature and one who is willing to explore ways to enhance healing through diet, spiritual practices such as meditation, and supplementation.

Even though I stive to provide information that may prove helpful to the person who is in the western medical model but who is also interested in natural remedies, the basic slant of this information is holistic, natural and spiritual in nature and will remain so because that is how I live my life, what I've studied most and what I know best.

Whether the information you are searching for has to do with traditional medicine or natural medicine, you need to know that this is a health education site and that I never, ever prescribe, diagnose or recommend taking any natural supplement without your doctor's express permission. That's why, on every page, you will find this important disclaimer or some similiar...

Important Disclaimer: The information provided on this website is primarily from an alternative health care / spiritual healing perspective, although traditional western medicine information is included as well.

These pages are for educational purposes only and not intended to take the place of personal medical advice from your health care professional or any needed medical attention.

If you are under the care of a doctor, or currently taking any prescription drugs for any health condition, you must always check with your doctor before adding an alternative health care option to your regimen for healing.

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