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Symptoms of Mercury Poisoning
Candida Linked to Mercury Toxicity

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Symptoms of Mercury Poisoning - How Mercury Toxicity Affects the Body
by l

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This is part of a series on candida albicans and hepatitis. On this page, we talk about how mercury poisoning may be a contributing factor in candida albicans infections. If you have other symptoms that could also be attributed to mercury poisoning (Mercury poisoning affects every system of the body) then rule that out as a contributing factor in systemic yeast infections.

Common symptoms of mercury poisoning include:

chronic fatique
outbursts of anger
loosening of teeth
any persistant metallic taste in the mouth
chronic headaches
persistent cough
cold, clammy extremities
excessive persperation

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Of course, a lot of those symptoms could point to something other than percury poisoning but if you have several of them then I'd strongly suggest testing for that before treating candida or chronic yeast infections. The reason is that excess yeast may be the body's way of fighting the mercury damage, by absorbing some of it. If you treat the yeast first, you take away something that may be helping with the mercury.

If both candida and mercury toxicity exist, then both must be addressed, obviously. If you are under the care of a health care professional, please follow the guidance of the support you have chosen. I'm just saying, in my opinion and from what I've read,the mercury detox should happen first if possible in cases where both a candida cleanse and a heavy metals detox are indicated.

Health Disclaimer: The information on mercury poisoning and the role candida may play are both presented here as educational information only. None of this information is intended to replace needed medical attention, evaluation or treatment.