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Stop Systemic Yeast Infections
Symptoms of a Yeast Infection

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Ask A Healer Women's Health Series

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How to conquer systemic yeast infections


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Are you sure it's yeast? Although a yeast infection can cause vaginitis, it is not the same condition. Other health problems can cause vaginitis, which occurs when the vaginal area is inflamed, so it's important to get a correct diagnosis. More on vaginitis symptoms vs yeast infection symptoms here.

Symptoms of Yeast Infections: Two of the most common symptoms of this women's health challenge are discomfort and discharge. However, those two symptoms alone do not conclusively prove a person has a yeast infection. There are more details on the most common symptoms below, as well as information about different approaches to coping with and healing yeast infections.

White, thick, odorless discharge: It's important to know that, while many women report a discharge with yeast infections, not everyone will. Also, several other conditions can cause discharge. If the discharge has a strong odor or is any other color besides white and any texture besides thick, rule out other health complications.

Discomfort in the vaginal area: One of the more common yeast infection symptoms, vaginal pain or discomfort can be also indicative of other problems. Allergies to bath soaps can cause burning and itching too, for example, not just yeast infections. Certain bacteria can cause burning or vaginal discomfort, and so can certain stds, including gonnorhea. Pain or soreness can indicate not having enough natural lubrication for intimate relations in the menopausal woman, etc.

Question on women's health and healing: I know you said you did not prescribe for people, but I was wondering could you give me any advice on my systemic yeast infection. I have it all over my face. My eyes are almost swollen shut. I have not taken any antibiotics for over a year. I have Hepatis C, which has resulted in chrioiss (sic) of the liver. I am in so much pain I went to the Dr. .... prescribed fluconazole for seven days, and a steroid ointment for the pain.

Healing facilitation response: Wow, that's definitely a systemic yeast infection. Did your doctor use the words candida albicans? Even though you have not taken antibiotics for a year, they could still be a factor in the development of systemic yeast. You haven't said how long your symptoms have been severe but if they started getting worse about a year ago, antibiotics could be part of the reason the yeast was able to take hold more aggressively.

Antibiotics and systemic yeast infections: Antibiotics can actually cause yeast infections or make an existing infection worse, by killing off friendly bacteria along with the bad guys so I'd suggest looking into replacing that intestinal flora thru the use of a good acidophilus product. I get my probiotics with organic yogurt but if you don't like yogurt (and DO get organic if you choose that route) there are several good probiotic formulas out there.

If I were in your position, I would try a natural candida remedy, especially if had been taking antibiotics. There are quite a few natural remedies and I talk about just a couple here, that I know about and trust, but you can also search online and find many more. A natural candida remedy can be very effective in eradicating yeast so it's definitely an avenue worth exploring. As you said, I'm not a doctor and can't diagnose or prescribe but, as a wellness counselor, I can share information and avenues of exploration for you.

The importance of an alkaline ph: As an avenue of healing, I'd definitely look into your ph levels. VITAL. Abnormal ph levels are associated with so very many disorders it is truly staggering. The body cannot complete a single function normally with an over-acid ph and a lot of us are over-acid most of the time, without even knowing it. Having a chronic ph level that is acid may contribute to more degenerative disease than any other single nutritional factor, in my opinion. Maintaining an alkaline ph is vital for healing.

A simple way to alkalize your system: In addition to the suggestions there, some people can bring their ph levels back to alkaline simply by drinking a half-teaspoon of baking soda in 4 ounces of water.

Please Note these precautions: If using baking soda to balance ph levels, please check with your doctor first if you are on a sodium-restricted diet. Also, baking soda falls under the heading of antacid, and some antacids can react with prescription drugs so you'd have to ask your doctor before using it.

Boosting immune function for fighting infections: Next, I'd look at boosting the immune system. When we have a strong immune system, our body is better able to combat illness and infection. There are myriad immune system boosting formulas available, depending on your needs so do some research to find the right formula to assist you in building your immune response. Regular, moderate exercise two or three times a week is very supportive for the immune system.

Doing a candida cleanse is another option. I've linked to natural remedies for yeast infection at the beginning of this page. However, whether you go the medical route or take the natural road back toward health, remember that yeast organisms die off internally. They don't expel. When the organisms begin to die off, you may have a temporary healing crisis. Here's some information on healing crisis symptoms and what you can do to reduce them while cleansing.

Individual herbs that are anti-yeast in property include garlic and myrrh. Goldenseal is also good but some find it harsh on the system. Cutting back on sugar is important but may be hard because systemic yeast makes you crave sugar. I personally love oregano and olive leaf extract for this and many other fungal or bacterial situations. Lately, I've been drinking a version of Bulletproof Coffee, which is pure organic coffee with either organic grassfed butter or virgin organic coconut oil added. I love the stuff and it's a side benefit that coconut oil helps control yeast.

Last but not least, I have used a product called MMS, discovered by a man named Jim Humble, for years. It is highly controversial. In fact, the FDA wants it banned. Some have gone crazy with it using tremendous amounts, etc. but Jim Humble can no more stop that than the doctor who prescribes medicine to be taken once a day and the patient goes home and takes the entire bottle. MMS has tremendous properties for superior water purification, killing all sorts of pathogens. I believe, at low dosage and short term, it's an amazing supplement for candida but I cannot recommend it for that. About Jim Humble's MMS.

What I'm about to say is my own personal opinion and NOT advice: When I suspected I had systemic candida, I initially used MMS (in a bath) because it works so fast but then I went with a plant-based approach with oregano, pau'd arco, black walnut, olive leaf extract. Herbal antifungals appear to provide the most long-lasting elimination of systemic yeast organisms. It worked for me. See your doctor if under care, before adding anything new to your health regimen. If you have hypoglycemia, you mkight want to skip the pau'd arco as it can lower blood sugar levels in some.

Additional reading on dealing with chronic yeast infection at a systemic level:

Rule out mercury poisoning and How I handle systemic yeast infections

Please note:

Your complication is that you also have hepatitis and cleanses may be too hard on your already-burdened liver. Check with your health care practitioner first. It is always best to run thru the ingredients with your doctor before adding anything new to your health regimen. Hopefully, you've chosen a women's health specialist who is open to subjunctive therapies.

About Hepatitis:

There are four different types of hepatitis. All four are classified as liver diseases caused by viruses. According to the Center for Disease Control, they are:
Hepatitis A, caused by the hepatitis A virus (HAV)
Hepatitis B, caused by hepatitis B virus (HBV)
Hepatitis C, caused by the hepatitis C virus (HCV) - Spread by contact with infected blood.
Hepatitis D, caused by the hepatitis D virus (HDV) - Needs hepatitis B virus to exist.
To learn more about Hepatitis C, please visit CDC

Candida Disclaimer: Chronic or Systemic yeast infections can mean there is a more serious, underlying immune system problem so check with your gynecologist whenever yeast infections get chronic. Also, where hepatitis is concerned, getting the correct diagnosis for which type of hepatitis is present is vital so please see your preferred health specialist if hepatitis is suspected. The women's health information shared on this page, regarding both the causes and symptoms of candida and also the available treatments for addressing yeast infection symptoms are educational in nature. Nothing you read here is intended to take the place of personal medical advice that may be warranted.

Rule out sexually transmitted diseases: You may additionally need to rule out an std like gonnorhea, or other infectious bacteria like trichomonas.