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Two week update on mercury detox and cleanse

by l

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Well, I did some things right ... and I did some things wrong.

One of the things I did right was to start slow with organic apple sauce (for the pectin) and organic juices with low doses of chlorella in them, along with other fortifying nutrients.

A few of the things I did wrong was load up on fresh strawberries (2 quarts in 2 days) and take activated charcoal while not upping water intake. The strawberry has an extraordinary ability to bind mercury and give it safe passage from the body but it has to actually leave the body. What happened to me is acute constipation. I am planning to switch to organic freeze-dried strawberry powder (which performed about as well as fresh, according to the resource I found on the subject) when I can afford it.

I've read several resources that say activated charcoal will not cause constipation. All I can say is that every single time I've taken activated charcoal, with or without also injecting way too much fiber, I've ended up constipated so ... I've dropped activated charcoal from my regimen.

I also had to drop the HDF mouthrinse due to repeated mouth irritation and dry, chapped lips. However, I should note that I believe this may be due to the addition of xylitol and if you can tolerated xylitol you may be able to use the HDF rinse, which binds mercury in the mouth.

What has worked best for me so far is a combination of 6 tablets of Clean Chlorella plus two ounces of organic mangosteen juice, to which I add 1 teaspoon of organic pectin. In addition, I take 200mcg of selenium every day. In addition to the chlorella and pectin, I have upped my water intake and also make sure to feed my gut with organic yogurt or probiotic capsules. I recently added a humic acid and fulvic acid extract but it's too soon to say what effect that will have yet. I'll update again soon.

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Detoxing and Cleansing Health Disclaimer:
Because so many of the symptoms of mercury toxicity may also be symptoms of several other health challenges, testing and evaluation is vital. As far as I am concerned, having a cluster of the symptoms of mercury overload AND having amalgam fillings is enough of a combination to at least get tested for mercury poisoning. It is advisable not to start a mercury detox if you have fairly new fillings, as this potentially might cause more release of mercury. Using the HDF mouthrinse mentioned earlier is supposed to be safe with amalgams.