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How and When to Cleanse the Colon

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When is Colon Cleansing Indicated? How often should a person do a colon cleanse? Reducing the need for colon cleansing.


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Personally, If someone came to me for a wellness evaluation, and told me they only went to the bathroom every other day, I would consider that person to have chronic constipation. If they said they only went once a week, I'd be concerned for their overall health, in general, and very specifically concerned about the state of their eliminatory system. If they said they went less than once a week, I'd suggest they visit an intestinal health specialist or the emergency room.

Are you constipated?
If you must strain to have a bowel movement, or sit and wait for a b.m. to occur, you are constipated to some degree because normal bowel movements are softly formed and pass easily. Consider a colon cleanse whenever you see signs of toxicity or congestion (again, in the absence of a medical condition) which indicate that the colon is toxic. Also look at your water intake. You may not be taking in enough fluids to keep waste moving thru the colon.

Signs of normal bowel movement: If you go to the bathroom at least two times a day, with bowel movements consisting of soft, unformed, fairly odorless stool of a honey-colored consistency, you most likely have a fairly clean colon. More on good b.m. characteristics If your bowel movements do not meet the criteria of a healthy bowel movement, I would suspect intestinal toxicity and assume, as long as you are otherwise health, that you would feel better with a safe and effective colon cleanse.

Some signs of poor elimination are bowel movements that consist of hard balls of stool rather than soft, slender strings of stool, or having to strain to eliminate. You may also notice pain down the side of your leg, from hip to knee. Massaging this painful area as well as the entire hip may be helpful for expelling gas as well as getting a sluggish colon going. More on bad b.m. characteristics.

How often should a person do a colon cleanse? I usually suggest a detoxing fully at least twice a year if you eat processed foods, white flour products, fried foods, refined sugar, etc.. and if you are under stress often. However, if you work in environments that are toxic (beauty salons, around paint or auto fumes, printing houses, copy places, welding atmospheres, either as a welder or near welding, etc..) then you probably would benefit from a heavy metal cleanse once or twice a year as well, to keep levels of heavy metals concentration down.

If you work in an environment where heavy metal fumes might be release, such as an automotive plant or as a welder, you may be subject to inhaling airborne particles. If you work with metals, you may absorb them through the skin over time as well, in potentially harmful amounts. Familiarize yourself with symptoms of heavy metals poisoning and, if you start exhibiting symptoms, it's a good idea to get yourself tested then and to put it off.

If you work with animals, like in a pet shop or a veterinary clinic, you are probably more well-versed than most in how parasites travel and how we can get them from our pets. Still, if you begin to notice any symptoms of parasitic infestation, it may be good to include a parasite cleanse in your detoxing regimen on a maintenance level -- a few times per year.

Reducing your need for a colon cleanse: You may reduce the chances of colon congestion by greatly reducing or completely eliminating processed foods, fried foods, white flour products, refined sugar, etc. while upping your intake of pure water and high-fiber foods. Moderate exercise, 2 to 3 times a week, will also be helpful in promoting healthy elimination. And finally, reducing your stress levels so that you sleep better and digest food better may be very, very helpful in maintaining healthy bowel movements.

Detoxing and Cleansing Health Disclaimer: Colon cleansing is considered safe for otherwise healthy individuals. However, those with any type of colon health issue at all, no matter how mild it may be, need to check with their doctor before doing a colon cleanse. In particular, colon cleanses may be contraindicated for those with IBS, diverticulitis, colon cancer or Crohn's Disease. If you experience symptoms associated with any of these conditions, it is advised to get a medical evaluation before doing a cleanse.