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Natural Remedies for Constipation
Help for Severe / Chronic Constipation

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This is the conclusion of a 6-part article covering chronic constipation and eliminatory health and natural remedies for constipation which may be helpful for a healthy colon. click here for part one. If you are constipated right now, you don't wanta hear what might help in the future, which is part of what the first section of this article was about. You want help now. I understand. When this article was originally written in 2007, I covered some remedies that had worked for me, consistently, through the years.

My Most Effective Natural Constipation Remedies
In addition to Dr. Miller's Holy Tea, which I mentioned above and which is the best constipation remedy I've tried to date, these are some helpful natural remedies that have also worked well for me in the past.

Walking - Natural remedies don't always mean you take something. Walking for at least 15 minutes, taking care to swing the arms gently as you walk and periodically stretching from side to side at the waist, helpful.

Meditation - Not only is meditation one of the best natural remedies for stress and mental fatique, it is also one of the most simple and effective natural remedies for constipation. Stress tension affects the entire musculature of the body, including intestinal muscles. By relaxing, such as one does in a meditative state, the eliminatory system may also relax and release.

Magnesium, in the form of a product called Natural Calm, works great for me to get things moving. I drink a little less than a teaspoon in hot water. Natural Calm is almost instantly and completey absorbed on consumption, which means it goes into your system almost immediately.

Note that it is possible to get too much of a good thing. Side effects of too much magnesium include nausea, heart palpitations and dry mouth. Start low until you see how Natural Calm will affect you.

In addition to helping with chronic constipation, magnesium can help with relaxing the smooth muscle system of the body for more restful sleep and better cardiovascular functioning. Look for Natural Calm at your local health food store.

Black-eyed peas are a miracle cure for me. I eat a whole can when I'm constipated. Of course, as you would with any high-fiber food, make sure you drink a lot more water along with those tasty peas.

Important note: If you have IBS, diverticulitis, Krohn's Disease, or any other problem with the colon, check with your doctor about high-fiber foods being added.

If I also have bloating and gas, I take two capsules of activated charcoal. I keep this remarkable health supplement on hand at all times, for food poisoning. Not suggested as replacement for going to the hospital but it might save your life til you can get there.

Warning: Do not take activated charcoal within two hours of other medications because it will absorb those too, along with whatever other toxicity is in your system. Despite the good that many drugs do, they are still foreign to the body and toxic to some degree, hence the wide range of side effects that accompany your prescription.

Eliminatory Health Disclaimer: Chronic constipation can be a sign of other, more serious eliminatory health conditions including colon cancer. Please have yourself evaluated by a qualified professional if experiencing pain, blood in stool or other signs of eliminatory distress. Do not begin a colon cleanse if you have any bowel-related health challenge, without checking with your doctor first. Natural remedies are not a substitute for any needed medical attention.