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Terminal Cancer Diagnosis
The Spiritual Perspective

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Ask A Healer Cancer Education Series

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What if the cancer is diagnosed as terminal?


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This is part three of a health response I gave to an email I received about cervical cancer. To read the entire article, please start with cervical cancer, part one. You may also wish to read caregiver coping resources and how to tell the family, which includes resources defining the caregiver's role and tells how people of different ages experience a terminal diagnosis, from children to adults.

This part of my reply to the reader's question about cervical cancer addresses how to spiritually respond to a terminal diagnosis in such a way that we do not set ourselves up for defeat, mentally and emotionally. A spiritual approach to illness is not for everyone. If you are deeply convinced that western medicine is the best approach, some of the ideas on this page may not resonate with you at all. I respect each person's right to approach their healing, of cancer or any other imbalance in the body, in the way that feels best to them.

Terminal Isn't The Doctors Call, But It Is Often The Default Setting Of the Patient's Mind:
Arm yourself with a higher truth before you let your doctor speak. I cannot stress this strongly enough. The white coat in front of you is backed by a massive, strong gridline of belief that is called western medicine. I well remember sitting in a hospital and hearing the not much we can do speech about my Mom and feeling nauseous and swirling. We were in a waiting room that was full of the families of other patients, all anxious for news of their loved ones. I recommend insisting that your surgeon or doctor take you into a completely private room before telling you anything at all about your condition or the condition of a loved one with cancer.

The white of the doctor's coat glared, and the lack of any sort of hope in his voice could have killed my mom within weeks if she had embraced his pronouncements. However, unlike me, Mom didn't let the impact of that judgement enter her field. She made it through the barbaric chemo and radiation and was cancer-free when she died... of chemo complications, I feel certain. When the oncologist, the expert on cancer, says you have no hope, you may well believe it. If you believe it, your immune response will drop accordingly. I strongly encourage you to prepare your mind beforehand to let every possibility stay open and to take what is said to you by the white coat as opinion.

When the cancer diagnosis is terminal, the potential impact of the terminal diagnosis can stress the entire body in ways that help weaken immune response almost immediately, thus giving the cancer an added advantage before you ever walk out the door of the doctor's office. If a person can avoid falling into a defeatist attitude and remain hopeful in the face of such a diagnosis, I believe they have a better chance of surviving cancer, regardless of whether they choose to address that cancer naturally or traditionally.

Optimal Spiritual Response to a Terminal Diagnosis:
Before meeting with an oncologist on test results, I would set up a spiritual barrier to any pronouncements of my demise. In other words, whatever belief system you have, create an energetic bubble around yourself so that whatever is said to you stays outside your field, as a potential ONLY. If I was given a terminal cancer diagnosis, I would exercise my spiritual awareness of the limited scope of any doctor's control over my destiny. No doctor, regardless of how learned or brilliant they may be, can say when a life is over. Only God can make that announcement. Cancer goes into spontaneous remission. Healing happens. It is not for the doctor to pronounce. Although I would definitely consider the test results to be important information, and a warning that I should take immediate action to change my life and address the imbalances in it, I would not accept a terminal diagnosis as incontrovertable fact.

Giving in to a terminal diagnosis, in my view at least, leads to a defeated attitude that suppresses the very immune system that would help you fight it. After all, why fight if death is inevitable? In this case, I'd probably follow pretty much the same regimen except that I would not do a full body detox if my system were weakened and I would introduce raw foods more slowly as they can tend to flush toxins fast.

This is an extremely personal decision to make and, when faced with what amounts to a death sentence anyway, I just don't believe I'd ever subject myself to chemo or radiation or surgery. If the doctors believe the prognosis is that dim, it would not be an energetic environment that would be supportive of success, in my opinion.

Whether a person decides to address cancer through conventional medicine, alternative medicine, or both, I do think it's vital to get the testing, keep on top of what is working and not working, and take conventional measures to safeguard life if the situation gets critical. In other words, in some cases, surgery of chemo may be the best option. I see this as potentially a truth whenever the cancer has such a hold on the body that immediate action is needed to avoid death and when the person simply cannot address the underlying emotional issues.

Part Four: why we get cancer, from a spiritual perspective

What the asker of this question had to say about my response: "Thanks again Neva, I couldn't have gathered all the information you gave me in a year of google searches!"

Women's Health Disclaimer: The information contained in the alternative health care / healing questions posted here should not be construed as replacement for personal medical advice from your health care professional. Cervical cancer, like other forms of cancer, is best treated when caught early so regular pap exams are important. If you have been diagnosed with cervical cancer, it's very important to discuss any adjunctive therapies, such as herbals or other natural cancer remedies, with your doctor.