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What Do You Know For Sure?
Shifting from Certain Knowing

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The Incredible Power of Not Knowing Something

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The Space Between

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"Quantum theory taught me the four principles that have guided my work: everything is interconnected, everything is potential, everything is indeterminate, and there is no excluded middle." Vandana Shiva

This is part of an article on living in the space between things, a state of awareness that has it's focus on the etheric beginning of all physical manifestations. Here, I'm asking you to explore what might be possible if you released certain knowing, you know, those things you believe you know for sure. I'm referring to those limiting beliefs you may be unconsciously holding about your life, your body and your world.

Is it possible that thoughts, emotions and apparent health conditions are simply patterns of light and information in the quantum field of potential, without particular meaning til someone assigns it? What happens if you stop assigning meaning based on thought, opinion or programmed belief?

Releasing the Charge:
If the emotional charge around such an assignment, (like "you have cancer";) was dropped, could the patterns realign with health more easily? What would that reality look like if it wasn't cancer but just a lumpy, bumpy thing, for example? I can tell you what happened when I had this thought, while having my hand on a suspicious lump. The woman who had it had previously had cancer which started in the leg so she knew what a suspicious bump might mean. I called it some ridiculous, made up name and it disappeared under my hand. The most important thing I did was behave as if it was no big deal. That's key. When we emotionally latch on to a pronouncement, our immune system behaves as if it is true.

What is Good and Bad?
Is it possible that life is a cosmic dance of light, only tied to words like good and bad by mental agreement for purposes of the ego and personality? How about the lives of others around me? Is it possible that the light and dark moving and dancing in certain rhythyms and playing out in certain ways, might look differently if I focused on the space around it and chose not to label or quantify? How might this shift inform any healing facilitation I continue to offer?

Nothing to Heal:
That's really the final irony of this page .... ask a healer. For me, here and now, there is no healer and nothing to heal. There is no me and there is no you. I'm talking to myself and now, I thank my self for listening. In that space, in between, in that breath where no one knows anything, everything may be possible. In that breath, the world may become a cosmic playground and the soul-level work we all have been trying so hard to get done may be already accomplished - I want to explore the potential. How about you?

Etheric Alchemy Sessions:
So, if there's nothing to heal, why get a session of anything, from anyone? Vibrational sharing. When one of us has experienced something, we have within us the vibrational fortitude to share that experience energetically with another. Also, sometimes we've agreed to meet up and play on the cosmic field of life together. In any case, I used to work full time as a healing facilitator. Then, I stepped away from that completely, because of life-changing experiences that required an extraordinary level of integration. It may help to read this first .... The Pipe and the Aftermath. At this point, I'm not offering sessions.

Meet me in the space between things, if this resonates with you and you feel as if it would be a move toward freedom to release these strongly held and deeply ingrained concepts of right or wrong, good or bad, healed or sick, save the world, suffering and pain, guilt and shame? We don't have to talk or spend time together in linear time to affect change in the world. Affect change in ourselves and we are moving toward wholeness for everyone else.

What does it mean to know?
Knowing may just be another name for deciding what is real for me, the little me, the ego self and personality. I'm exploring what it's like never to know and simply to feel into the space around me for the Source connection that is always in quantum attunement with my optimal good, without mind manipulation, assessment or evaluation.

Knowing and Physical Illness:
Once I "know" I have fibromyalgia, I have fibromyalgia. My limiting belief system may give it every appearnace of being real, in the moment I accept the diagnosis of fibro and embrace it as true. My body accepts the belief and it is true. Further, I begin to identify with fibro. It becomes part of who I am, my identity, which more deeply ingrains the reality into my future. If I could somehow un-know that I have fibromyalgia anymore, could something else be true? Or, if I could shift from thinking of myself as someone who has fibro and start noticing what my body feels like pain-free and healthy, what might happen?

Is it possible that naming and owning a condition may bind you or me to something that could be temporary; just a flux in the patterns. By focusing on the space around a pattern of information that feels uncomfortable, might you or I realign with God and the perfect etheric blueprint for health? In that realignment, lies universal energy fields where any level of pattern may be instantly shifted.