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Essiac Tea from Rene Caisse Recipe

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Essiac Tea Based on The Original Rene Caisse Recipe

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A Canadian Nurse named Rene Caisse learned about a special blend of herbs that the Ojibja Indians had been using to address cancer. Caisse documented hundreds of cases where cancer disappeared with the use of this natural remedy; alas, her important research work was confiscated and destroyed by the powers that be.

What happened was that people who were diagnosed with terminal cancer would come to Rene' Caisse most often after medical doctors had told them there was nothing more they could do. In other words, when patients were sent home to die, they would turn to essiac as a last resort. With the use of the essiac tea, many of these "incurables" did indeed recover from cancer and lead long and productive lives. Read more about the Rene Caisse legacy

Essiac Tea Today:
The good news is that the recipe still exists and that the ingredients to make Rene Caisse's Essiac Tea are still available. However, there is a lot of Essiac Tea being sold that does not conform to the original Rene Caisse recipe or preparation instructions and most who have studied Essiac Tea results concur that using the exact ingredients specified and preparing the tea as specifically guided is important. Please note that the original recipe called for turkish rhubarb. This is different than other rhubarb roots.

Learn more about the authentic Rene' Caisse recipe for essiac tea. One confusion that still exists is whether "indian rubarb" is the same as "turkish rubarb". I emailed one company for clarification because I had read that it must be "turkish rhubarb" for optimal results. Turns out, this is not true, according to the company that produces the original Rene Caisse Formula. I had written to ask if Indian Rhubarb and Turkish Rhubarb were the same plant and the reply was "They are totally different and Indian Rhubarb is used in the Original Proprietary ESSIAC Formula. There are over 100 different kinds of turkey rhubarb and that is what the COUNTERFEITERS USE.". The representative also provided guidelines for avoiding counterfeit essiac tea formulas, and I've included those cautions below.

Things to remember when purchasing the original proprietary formula ESSIAC from Rene M Caisse RN. If you can't stomach the tea, some companies offer essiac in other forms. From what I've read, however, the tea is the way to go if you can drink it. I don't personally find the taste offensive but if you don't like strong herbal teas in general, you may not like essiac tea. The Essiac International formula contains Sheep Sorrel, Indian Rubarb, Slippery Elm and Burdock Root.

To Verify Authentic Essiac:
1. Ask about Quality of Herbs - COUNTERFEITERS substitute herbs when they can not get the original herbs.
2. Ask how the Herbs are processed for quality control.
3. Ask who the Essiac formula is approved by; Health Canada has stricter conditions than the FDA, but the original ESSIAC formula is also approved by the FDA.
4. Ask if the company has a Notarized Trust Agreement signed by Rene M Caisse RN and witnessed stating that Rene M Caisse RN gave her formula to them.
5. Check to see if the label bears Rene M Caisse's Picture, her Signature, Made Only in Canada and the Canadian Maple Leaf Flag

Looking Essiac made the Caisse way?
Get Essiac Extract from Essiac International

Health Disclaimer: The information contained here, about Essiac Tea as a beneficial herbal blend for cancer is not presented as any type of cancer cure or replacement for other medical attention and treatment you may need. Be wise with your health.