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Cervical Cancer Treatment
Going the Non-Medical Route

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How I'd Personally Treat Cervical Cancer - a Holistic Health and Spiritual Approach and Not for Everyone.


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Is natural cancer treatment for you? This is part two of a question and answer email regarding cervical cancer. To read the entire article, please start with cervical cancer, part one and I recommend reading about the remarkable work of nurse Rene Caisse and her Essiac Tea blend for helping the body deal with cancer. This part of my reply to the reader's question about cervical cancer deals with the spiritual implications of disease and illness. My response continues below.

Feedback from the question-asker: "Thanks again Neva, I couldn't have gathered all the information you gave me in a year of google searches!"

What I would do ....
If I had heard a diagnosis of cervical cancer, the way I would treat it would depend on how far along the doctor said that cancer was. However, regardless of whether it was caught early or late, I truly do not believe I would ever choose radiation and chemotherapy. Of course, you never know what you might do when actually faced with a life or death decision. This is how I currently feel I would address cancer, if it were found and how I believe I would handle the situation in my own life.

I would consciously stay present during the diagnosis phase, and continually tell my body that it is free of labels. I would not take on the diagnosis of cancer. I would take on the message that my body is in some state of imbalance and needs my attention to correct. If caught early, I'd work very agressively with nutrition, consulting with a nutritionist and perhaps considering a raw food diet, or macrobiotic, to help my body fight the imbalance being described to me as cervical cancer.

In addition, I would do a full body detox, provided my health was up to that, to cleanse the body so it can better absorb nutrients, flush toxins and heal. I have a lot more about why I believe in detoxing so strongly, in the Detox Articles Section of my site.

To combat the virus, I'd be taking pure oregano oil internally as well as applying oregano oil (diluted in olive oil so it will not sting my skin) over the cervical area every day. This is because oregano oil has strong antiviral properties. However, the FDA does not recognize oregano oil as an antiviral. This is what I would personally do, not what your doctor or the FDA might approve.

I would also support my immune system by way of taking Mangosteen Juice and help my body fight the cancer with Essiac Tea (ps. very important to ask at the health food store for tea made per Rene Caisse's specific instuctions - other blends or ways of making the tea not considered as potent).

I would make sure my diet was super clean, cutting out all processed foods and refined sugars, limiting meats and consuming lots of veggies and good water. I'd take a super clean native whey protein (Well Wisdom Vital Whey is one I've rearched that looks good) and also organic greens and fruit juices daily (Organic Juice Cleanse, or OJC, looks like a good choice).

Reducing stress, however it is possible, would be high on my list of things to do quickly. Prayer, meditation, walking in nature, watching a good comedy, etc. I'd be listening to energetically powerful music, such as anything at all by Snatum Kaur, saturating my conscious mind with positive affirmation, hypnosis and subliminal tapes. I'd also be spending more time each day in meditation and prayer and specifically asking to be shown ways to bring in more joy, love and peace to my existence.

Supplements I'd add or increase dosage on would include Vitamin D-3, Vitamin C, B-Complex and free-form L-Glutamine. I'd also take a substance called monolaurin. It comes in many forms, from many companies. The one I would most likely use is called Lauricidin.

If cancerous tumors were found, I would also take a product called Iridodial. In fact, I took a round of Iridodial myself as a preventative. Though not specific to cervical cancer, the research on this substance was convincing enough for me to use it myself, even though I've never been diagnosed with cancer, because of the stress I was under at the time. You won't find anything about what it does on the product page, maybe because of concern over the FDA saying they are making "claims". Basically, an iridodial is substance high in dialdhydes which are important for genetic repair. A researcher from Germany was the first to claim that iridodials had anti-malignancy properties and a doctor named Hans Nieper is made the connection between gene repair therapy and the body's ability to defend against cancer. The formula is extracted from Iridomyrex ants, who have phenomenal gene repair capacities.

This same company that makes Iridodial also makes another product, called Poly-MVA that supports the body nutritionally if chemotherapy is required as part of your treatment although, personally, I would not choose chemotherapy or radiation. However, if you are doing either one, those therapies are causing nutritional imbalances which Poly-MVA helps to address.

Quite honestly, the most important change I would make would have to do with how I live my life. The emotional imbalances most closely associated with the development of cancer include resentment, bitterness and unresolved anger issues so I'd be looking closely at those patterns in my own life. In fact, writing this has been helpful to me because it's helping me see that there are ways in which I still live disconnected from my passion and many times during the day that I am not present and not in my joy or bliss. This is an unhealthy pattern.

Part Four: why we get cancer, from a spiritual perspective

Women's Health Disclaimer: Chemotherapy, radiation and surgery are options that will be right for some people with cervical cancer. I know this. It takes a special type of person to self-treat and take responsibility for self-treating. If you opt for radiation or chemotherapy, please review with your doctor all potential longterm risks, and not just shortterm effects.