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The Story of Essiac Tea
The Courage of Rene Caisse

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Essiac Tea: The Caisse Legacy

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This is part two of what started out as just a page on the Ask a Healer Privacy Policy. I get rolling on a subject and it's hard to stop. In part one, I talked about the two camps of health care, prescription drugs and allopathic medicine and alternative health and spiritual healing. I cover the sceptic's view and my own view of both camps.

This naturally led to the question ... what does a person do? How do they choose between the two wellness approaches and is there a way to blend prescription medication with a natural approach like herbal remedies? I used to think there was a way to combine adjunctive therapies within the allopathic model. Now, I have trouble seeing it. Here's one good example of why the chasm between the two worlds seems to stay so wide.

The Caisse Case:
Have you heard of Rene' Caisse? She was a Canadian Nurse who is credited with some amazing cures. If I told you there was a natural cure for cancer, I might be arrested for making medical claims. So what do I say about hundreds of documented cases where a person was sent home to die from cancer and after drinking the forumla Rene' Caisse suggested, called essiac tea, they did not die? What can be said of the history of Essiac Tea except that logic and reason is on the side of the Canadian Nurse. Far too many people lived (and are still alive) that were sentenced to death by the medical profession for any sane person to think there was nothing to this specific blend of herbs.

Rene Caisse documented hundreds of what she stated were genuine cancer cures. Dr. Caisse treated those who had been diagnosed with cancer (in fact, some of her patients had been sent home to die, told by doctors that there was nothing that could be done) and her results were so successful that over 55,000 people signed a petition to have her essiac treatment accepted and recognized as a medical cancer treatment. Some of her patients are still alive today, after having been told their condition was terminal.

Sadly, Renee Caisse's remarkable work with Essiac Tea was more than just ignored by the medical profession; her work was obliterated. In a stunningly unethical move, the Canadian government destroyed all the documented case records Caisse had amassed during her time of treating the incurable; however, her patients were still alive and their stories did get documented.

Caution about Essiac:
Many who read of the Caisse legacy with cancer choose to find and take essiac tea. There are now dozens of Essiac Tea formulas out there but most of them are NOT the original Rene Caisse formula or they are NOT manufactured to her very specific instructions. Quite simply, many of these altered essiac tea recipes do not work because they've been changed in ways that eliminate the special and potent synergy of the herbs originally used or because the essiac has been produced incorrectly.

Dr. Caisse had very, very specific instructions on how to make the tea, and what to include in it. If you are interested in the original Essiac, that information has been made public through the diligence of a Dr. Gary Glum. The original Essiac Recipe, including some very important tips on proper preparation

The original Essiac Tea formula, which the Ojibwa Indians used long before Rene Caisse did, is still considered, by those in the alternative health community, to contain some of the most effective, natural anti-cancer properties of any herbal formulation. If one looks at the individual properties of the herbs chosen, there is ample reason to believe that the synergy of the ingredients together might be larger than the sum of it's parts.

Stuck in the Middle
The person trying to choose between natural and prescription medications has a tough challenge. Should you decide to never take a prescription drug? Or should the decision be made to never use any alternative health care products? Discontinue even taking vitamins or minerals? Is it at all possible for two, so radically different, camps of healthcare possibly learn to respect one another and work together?

We cannot as long as scientists and doctors continue dismissing everyone involved in alternative or complementary medicine, as quacks. That's as polarized and just plain wrong as the natural healing supporters who call all doctors butchers or dismiss them as simply operating from greed. We cannot support one another as long as either camp refuses to educate themselves on the validity of the other approach, and the patient is the one who truly loses.

Health Disclaimer: The information contained here, about Essiac Tea and the work of Rene Caisse, contains some of my own beliefs about it's curative properties. I believe Rene' Caisse saved lives with Essiac. I also know that I cannot say it is a cure for cancer, or anything else. This information is not presented as replacement for any needed medical evaluation or treatment.