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Throat Cancer Informaton
from a Spiritual Perspective

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Ask A Healer Cancer Education Series

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Throat Cancer and Your Throat Chakra - How Throat Chakra Blockages May Impact Health


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This is part of a series on throat challenges and the throat chakra. To read the original question and better understand this segment, please click the preceding link. Because my approach to supporting the body in healing itself is spiritual, I look at all aspects of the creation of illness, including emotional, mental and spiritual factors preceding actual physical dis-ease, I have to be careful to preface this section on throat cancer with a disclaimer. This information is not presented as any type of replacement for any needed medical evaluation or treatment. If you suspect you may have throat cancer, it may be vital for you to get diagnosis and to choose treatment in line with your belief system.

Spiritual Implications of Throat Cancer:
From a spiritual standpoint, the development of throat cancer could indicate a very strong and chronic throat chakra blockage. Those who have sexual abuse in their childhood, particularly if or-al s-ex was involved, may be more prone to conditions effecting the throat such as esophagael or throat cancer. Being unable to speak about the abuse (most abuse is secretive in nature and also carries a stigma of shame) often leads to chronic, physically held tension in the throat that can be readily recognized by a constriction in speaking as well as breathing.

I believe that the systemic and constant stress of an abusive childhood can specifically affect the throat and the esophagus, leading to acid reflux, chronic tonsillitis and even throat cancer. In focusing on spiritual reasons for throat congestion, I don't mean to minimize the importance of seeing your doctor if you have chronic throat pain or problems because these could be signs of a more serious situation, such as throat cancer. Whether you believe stress can be a factor in that or not, it's important to address the situation if it has appeared.

Partial List of Common Throat Cancer Symptoms: Persistent sore throat that does not respond to treatment Persistent hoarseness Trouble swallowing Unexplained pain in the ear or jaw
To learn more about the symptoms of throat cancer, click here to visit the Cancer Centers of America Website

Some of the symptoms of throat cancer can also be symptoms of oral herpes:
While most people think of oral herpes as fever blisters on the mouth, you can develop herpes in the throat. This type of herpes can be caused by either the HSV-1 or HSV-2 strains of the herpes virus and is usually contracted by engaging in or-al s-ex.

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Health Care Disclaimer: The information on throat cancer you are reading is for educational purposes only. It is not intended to replace any needed medical testing, evaluation or treatment. It is important to address persistent sore throat and to rule out throat cancer if you have sore throats that don't respond to treatment.