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Ionized Acidic Water Benefits
For External Use Only

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Health Benefits of Mild Ionized Acidic Water

Source: Good Health Supplements, Condensed by N J Howell. This is part of a series on alkaline ionized water and ionized acidic water.

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Although most people look for ionizers because they have read about the benefits of ionized water, there is another function that can be utilized which provides different benefits. These health benefits become available when water is made acidic rather than alkaline in ph. However, unlike alkaline water, please note that acidic water is NEVER to be drank. It is for external use only. This page details some of the benefits of using acidic water.

Benefits of MILD Acidicic Ionized Water - External Use Only - Do Not Drink

One wonderful benefit of using acidic ionized water is that it effectively removes plaque from teeth. Have healthier gums. Brush with ionized acid water instead of toothpaste. Rinse with tap or alkalized water.

Additional Benefits:
Gargle to relieve sore throats, mouth sores and to prevent infection by germs including colds and tonsillitis.
Removes bad breath.
Cleans and conditions hair.
Excellent skin conditioner and toner.
Acts as an astringent to tighten skin and remove small wrinkles.
Relieves chapped hands and dry, itchy skin.
Excellent therapy for acne and other skin or scalp conditions.
Excellent therapy for fungus such as athlete's foot.
Helps heal and disinfect cuts, blisters, scrapes, rashes, burns and wounds.
Accelerates recovery when applied to bruises, sprains, eczema and other skin problems.
Helps heal diabetic skin ulcers.
Alleviates the pain and speeds recovery of burns.
Relieves inflammation and speeds recovery from sunburn.
Provides relief from mosquito bites, bee stings, poison ivy and poison oak.

Benefits of MILD Acidic Ionized Water for Pets, Plants and Flowers:
External Use Only - Do Not Drink

Bathe pets in MILD acidic ionized water for silky fur and healthy skin. Prevents skin disease and itching.
Improves healthy plant growth.
Plants require less water.
Significantly extends the life of cut flowers.
No need for pesticides.

Ira Marxe
Good Health Supplements

Benefits of STRONG Acidic Ionized Water

Health Disclaimer: Many of the stories of benefit from use of alkaline or acidwater are ancedotal. Having said that, the above properties are widely noticed among those who use an ionizer to create ionized acidic water for external use. If under a doctor's care, check with doctor before adding anything new to your diet or health regime. Be wise with your health.