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Important Note: I wondered where the ocean water for Quinton Marine Plasma was gathered, because of the oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico and the radiation off from Japan to California after Fukushima. I wrote the company and Marc Bliss, from Quinton America, wrote back promptly. Per Mark: "The seawater used to make our products is collected off the Coast of Brittany in France. It is also tested for organic contaminants, heavy metals, bacteria, etc."

Isotonic Ocean Water may constitute a sort of super-healthy substance for helping the body heal. Quinton water, in particular, has been noted as helpful in cases of psoriasis and other skin conditions. What is Isotonic Ocean Water? Products created by harvesting and selling ocean water are called by a lot of different names and harvested for sale by several different companies. I'd suggest researching the harvesting information on any website that carries sea plasma.

I also recently came across an article on detoxing mercury that goes into quite a bit of detail as to the steps needed to do this correctly. The article mentioned the use of Quinton isotonic ocean water. They have a new name for it and an easy open lid which I would have appreciated back when I tried it! The new product name is QuintEssential Bioterrain Restore and the article recommmended this product for mineralization and toxin drainage during mercury detox. I notice on amazon that this particular product is from Spain so I'm not sure if they still source all their water from France.

I noticed this article since I've been working toward detoxing amalgam mercury for some time now.

It is important that the company selling it has fully researched mercury levels and other contaminants and have a good understanding of how to best harvest, store and ship the water for maximum potency, safety and results. And, no, you can't just go drink ocean water out at the beach. Not the same and not safe.

If you want to further research ocean water for healing, some of the commonly used names include EssenceSea, Marine Plasma, Quinton Plasma, Ocean Plasma, Quinton Serum, Marine Serum, Marine Matrix and Isoltonic Ocean Water.

Quinton Marine Plasma:
Quinton may be the best-known isotonic ocean water formula. I've used it and liked it but did not like having to break the little glass ampules. Always concerned that some of the glass may have ended up in the liquid. By the way, the name "Quinton" used in the names above refers to a biologist named Rene Quinton who pioneered a great deal of research on the use of harvested, diluted ocean water to treat conditions such as psoriasis and wasting of many types. The before and after pictures resulting from Quinton's research are among the most dramatic I've ever seen.

Health Disclaimer: Marine Plasma is not presented as a replacement for any needed medical attention. Ocean water is not presented as a cure for anything, either, but as something natural that supports the body's natural ability to maintain health thru healthy ph balance. If you have an existing health condition, get the proper evaluation, testing and treatment as advised by your chosen health care team.