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Dark Dimension

(Also called the Nether Dimension, the Dimension of Doom, and the Dread Dimension.)
Ruled By: Dormammu, and Sorcerer Supreme. His head is surrounded by the flames of regency, a non-damaging emblem of rulership.

There are many dimensions referred to as dark dimensions, implying that they are mysterious, but this is the Dark Dimension. The Dark Dimension has quite a unique political structure. The original dimension itself is a pocket universe; it is also the head of an empire which extends over other dimensions now part of the Dark Dimension. It is sometimes referred to as "dimensions without number". This is because the Dark Dimension is 1 of the most powerful magical planes in existence and conquering other dimensions from here through magic is usually easy.

The Dark Dimension itself has an extremely large population that lives on scattered "islands" of terrain. This tends to support the theory that large numbers of the population have some magical capabilities, or even that magic is a natural, physical law there. This prevalence of magic and strange gravitational effects (each patch of substance seems to generate Earth-like gravity despite its small mass) make for a sanity-bending experience for humans.

The extent of this magical power can be seen in the numerous Dimensional Entreaty spells that call on entities within the realm (for example, the Dread Dormammu, and even the Dark Dimension itself).

The exact location of the Dark Dimension is a bit of a puzzle. There has been passage between the Dark Dimension and the Earth Dimension many times, and yet it has often been implied that the dimension is 1 of the farthest from Earth. This has not been explained, but in game terms it may be the incredible, inherent magical power of this pocket-dimension that makes dimensional apertures so easy to create, and nexus so easy to locate. We do know that physical force is much less deadly in the Dark Dimension than in Earth's dimension (-1CS for all aspects of physical combat and damage). More is known of the Dark Dimension than any other dimension outside of Earth's.

The first known ruler of the Dark Dimension was Oinar, King of Wizards, who added the many worlds to his own realm. He died when he stretched his dimension conquering expansionism too far and allowed the Mindless Ones to invade (see Codex of the Magi section). 2 members of the Faltinian race who had been exiled, Dormammu and Umar, defeated the Mindless Ones and seized the throne.

Dormammu soon exiled his sister, secured his regency, added more to his realm, and tried to add the Earth's dimension to his holdings, but was always thwarted by either the Ancient One or by Doctor Strange. When Dormammu was defeated by Eternity, whom he foolishly attacked, Umar returned and took over the throne. Dormammu returned and regained the throne. Umar seized power again after his most recent defeat by Doctor Strange. She was eventually opposed by a revolutionary group, headed by her daughter Clea, who overcame her mother and now sits on the throne.

The regency of the Dark Dimension is an interesting one because the ruler has his or her power increased by those they rule and by those in other dimensions that entreat the regent's power (see the latter description of Dormammu in the Codex of the Magi for more information).

Statistics on inhabitants of the Dark Dimension are provided below.
Dark Dimension CivilianDormammu's Royal GuardClea's Rebels
Powers:Power Wand: Fires Rm(30) rank Eldritch Beams/Bolts.Magic Wielders - Novice rank.
Personal Spells:
  • Flight: Rm(30)
  • Shield - Individual: Ex(20)
Universal Spells:
  • Eldritch Beams/Bolt: Ex(20)