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Dimensional Aperture

This spell causes a temporary opening in the dimension's fabric, allowing the caster to cross from 1 dimension to another. Look for the section on Dimensions in the Mystic's Encyclopedia for more detail. The caster can automatically open a portal to a dimension with which he is familiar, but opening a portal to an unfamiliar dimension requires a successful spell rank FEAT roll. If a FEAT roll is required, failure indicates that the caster cannot enter the desired dimension that day. A beginning caster who does not really know one dimension from another can stumble into any one of them at random.

A spellcaster who is in a familiar foreign dimension can automatically return to his home dimension. However, if the caster is in an unfamiliar dimension or if his mind has been affected by traveling in a sanity-bending or sanity-threatening dimension, the caster must make a successful spell rank FEAT roll to locate the dimensional position of his home dimension. This roll to return is only allowed once per week. However, the caster can enter another random dimension and try to go home from there.

If the caster tries to take anyone else with him into a dimension, whether they are willing or unwilling, then a Psyche FEAT roll is required of each character passing through into the dimension, every time they enter a new dimension. Anyone who fails the FEAT roll cannot pass through that particular dimensional aperture at this time. Characters who are left behind can try again a day later, if the aperture is still in effect.

This spell also grants the caster knowledge of a tiny "personal dimension" where he can go with perfect accuracy and safety. This pocket dimension is only accessible from the caster's home dimension and contains no dangerous creatures. There the caster can go for peace, solitude, and can even make it a home away from home. The caster can enter or leave his own little dimension once per day.