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The Russ Plans

For those of you who have been on the team, and those who havenít, these are ďCoach Russís 6 Levels to Cross Country Success.  Basically you have to determine where you are as a runner and then the appropriate plan to fit your physical capabilities. If you arenít sure what level you should choose, talk to an experienced cross country runner (preferably someone with atleast 2 years on the high school team) or the man himself (Coach Russ).  So these are the plans, check Ďem out and then go run.

Donít forget to know what all the little letters mean!

Level 1- New to running and havenít competed in other sports like soccer

Level 2- New to running but have played other running sports

Level 3- Ran in middle school and some sophmore runners

Level 4- Sophomores, Juniors (depends on years of training)

Level 5- Juniors, Seniors (depends on years of training)

Level 6- Seniors

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