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This is the finest group of birds that I have ever put together for a live auction. In the late 90's I did several of these live auctions but have not done any since. When the Rock River Valley flyers approached me about the idea I took it into consideration and decided that once again I would get involved in live auctions. With the advent of the online auctions so many people buy birds sight unseen and then are dissappointed in what they receive in the mail. I have put this group of birds together so breeders can actually see what they are buying before the bird goes up for auction.

I hope that all who visit this website will take the opportunity to send email bids or call the day of the auction and bid live over the phone, like at all auctions I am certain that some great buys will take place!! The Rock River Valley RPC guarantees me that there will be impartial bidders there that will look out for your best interest and buy the bird as cheap as possible for you, just send a proxy and someone independent of me will bid for you.

As these birds finish the moult I will be photographing them and adding their photo to the site, so check back often to see if the bird you are looking at has a photo show up. Some birds will have their baby photos on the site until they are finished with the moult that is if the baby photo is available. I will also be adding the sex of the bird as I become sure of it, each day it seems there is a hen that magically turns into a cock, we have all been down that road before!! Your Friend in the Sport, Ron

This list of birds is a tentative list, with a good deal of certainty, however, if there is a bird that is not finishing out the way I feel it should to be a foundation breeder, I reserve the right to replace it with one from the same family of birds up until October 1, 2008. These updates will show on this website as soon as the decision is made and I will make notation of that update so you can immediately see that a bird has been replaced. If you have any questions about my decision, please call or email me and I will explain the reason.