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Super Huyskens Van Riel!!

My Huysken Van Riels are based around two birds bred by Michel VanLint of Belgium. He is Mike Ganus' friend and agent for Taiwan. Over the years they have developed a close working relationship and friendship. The first bird is the super cock BLACK RAIN - BELG 2098850-04, he is a medium to big bird that is super strong with a body that is full, well muscled to produce youngsters that are foundation quality. BLACK RAIN is a son of a first prize winner, bred from birds that have competed and won in Belgium.

Then there is BLACK BEAUTY - BELG 2105402-04, her father is a full brother to a 1st National Bird and her mother was 1st National Bourges. BLACK BEAUTY is a super bird, rich dark eyes, medium in size and very strong. My Huyskens will also have the outcross of SILVER BOY - NL 9410378-94 in them. This was one of Mike's favorite mates for BLACK BEAUTY and I have several hens bred this way, including BLACK ROSE, SILVER BEAUTY and MIDNIGHT LADY. All three hens are supers, very strong well muscled bodies, super ventilated wings, tight vents, medium in size, single pin tails with the strong back. I love all three of these hens, they are A-1 foundation quality.

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