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Super TOPO Family!!

TOPO - NL 1968025-93 1st National Ace W.H.Z.B. Middle Distance All Holland 1995

TOPO was one of Mike's favorite breeders over the past 10 years. He was one of the legendary breeders here in America and in Europe. Why? Because of the success of his offspring. Like winning 1st National Etampes from 270 miles vs 16,335 birds on August 11, 2001 in Mike's own racing and breeding loft in Holland. Now that is a thrill. No other American has ever won a National race in Europe and Mike is proud to be the first.

Topo's offspring bred the winner winning $74,000, the King Cup hen winning $27,000, the Viola Race Winner winning $55,000. Plus over 150+ winners across the world with over 30 winners just at Mike's loft in Holland. TOPO's own winnings include:

1st Lommel 3,302 birds 250 miles 1st Houdeng 8,251 birds 250 miles 1st Reims 4,246 birds 300 miles 1st Chantilly 1,167 birds 200 miles 2nd Roye 1,351 birds 200 miles 10th Heverlee 3,371 birds 150 miles

One of my favorite sons of TOPO is TOP DOLLAR GFL 462-99, what an amazing breeder when mated to CLASSIC WINNER!! They were the ones responsible for the winner of over $74,000!! They also bred a 1st place winner of the Vegas Classic Race and many more. The first TOP DOLLAR bird I bought is a hen I call CLASSIC DOLLAR, she bred 2nd Champion Bird in the 2006 Lou McElroy One Loft Series of Races. Then later that year I was studying the birds that were being auctioned from the World Ace Challenge Race and low and behold there as the grandfather to the 5th and 95th overall birds is a son of TOP DOLLAR, later that fall guess who shows up on I-Pigeon, that son of TOP DOLLAR!! Of course I bought him, I call him TOP DOLLAR'S PRINCE GFL 1382-02, he is a masterpiece, so much like TOP DOLLAR you would think you are holding him. The only bird I sent out to races off TOP DOLLAR'S PRINCE in 2007 went to the Vegas Classic Race where she clocked in 38th position. This year I mated TOP DOLLAR'S PRINCE to LADY BLUE GFL 1337-02 the granddaughter of TOPO. With this mating I hope to start piecing a family of TOPO birds together, their young are super handling, well balanced, strong backs and single pin tails. I like them so much that this is the only one I have put up for sale to date. I want to see how they finish out!!

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