Super Recessive Red - Hollywood's Boy!!

NL 4053083-93 HOLLYWOOD 1st National Ace Old Males W.H.Z.B. All Holland 1997. While racing his birds at his loft in Holland Mike received a call about the 1st National Ace Old Male of Holland and he knew that he didn't have much time to waste before the world of agents drove down and made the deal. He bought Hollywood and his mother, Breeder's Best and half brother E.T. These 3 supers have made a big impact in America and overseas. Hollywood is a Hofkens/Janssen cross that really turned into a spectacular breeder. Children and grandchildren have produced hundreds of winners from distances of 100 to 500 miles. They're fast and tough. In his Holland loft Mike and his partner crossed the children off Hollywood to Super Champion and won 6 combines with over 8,000 birds. His children are breeding winners in 8 countries. Hollywood is one of those spectacular breeders. Hollywood's race record maybe unparalled in the sport:
1st Nameche 2512 birds, 1st Roye 2036 birds, 2nd Creil 1301 birds, 2nd St Ghislain 5818 birds, 2nd Provins 2823 birds, 3rd Epernay 2823 birds, 3rd St Ghislain 2623 birds, 4th Roye 5308 birds, 4th Creil 5175 birds, 4th Chantilly 3133 birds, 3rd Creil 1684 birds, 4th Strombeek 2947 birds, 12th Vervins 6231 birds, 15th Creil 2322 birds, 18th Chantilly 3881 birds, 17th Peronne 1125 birds, 20th Epernay 1585 birds, 20th Etampes 1890 birds, 21st Montargis 2049 birds, 20th Creil 1332 birds, 23rd Chantilly 3200 birds!!

--1st Ace Pigeon 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997!!--
--34 prizes in the top 5 places!!--
--14 times 1st Club!!--

HOLLYWOOD was my favorite pigeon at Mike's for all the years he was there, I was lucky enough to own two direct sons and one direct daughter and countless grandkids, he has had a bigger impact on my loft than any other single bird and will continue to have!!

209 is bred from a direct son of HOLLYWOOD'S BOY, the one I call WINSTON, and a daughter of GERONIMO and STEPHANIE, a little hen I call MISS UNIQUE. WINSTON is so much like HOLLYWOOD, in his appearances, his actions, almost want to call him Grandpa's Boy!! He is a gorgeous male that I am so glad I pulled to be in the breeder pens! Then there is MISS UNIQUE, generally I do not keep the grandkids of HOLLYWOOD'S BOY, they are bred to be shared with all my friends I have made through this great sport, but something was very different about MISS UNIQUE, she has the same tremendous body that my HOLLYWOODS come with, the same great wing, the same of many characteristics, but what made her different was her eyes!! I have never raised a Recessive Red with greenish-orange eyes, they are spectacular, they set her off, to be the only grandkid of HOLLYWOOD'S BOY I have kept to date. Many of the Reds that I share are gone before I get to see their eye color, boy I am glad I had stuck MISS UNIQUE back in the holding pen!!

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