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ROCKET - 1st National Ace WHZB All Holland Short Distance Old Birds 1999. Here is a true Super Star! Not only being the 1st National W.H.Z.B. Ace Champion of All Holland, 50,000 plus fanciers but also father to 1st National Race winner and grandfather to the 1st Middle Distance W.H.Z.B. National Ace of All Holland in 2004! “ROCKET” won races at short distance, middle distance and also one day long distance. He is an all around champion racer and breeder of multiple 1st place winners. In 1998, If he would have been entered into the National Ace awards by Mr. Van Gestal, “ROCKET” would have been the first bird to be the 1st National Champion of All Holland in back to back years. “ROCKET” is from the Tournier family of birds which have crossed very well with Janssens & Van Loons. He is medium in size, orange eyes, lots of supple muscle, and a strong perfect body. The type that can fly all day and never tire. His wins include: 1st Creil 2,581 birds, 1st Creil 2,485 birds, 1st Chantilly 2,366 birds, 1st Reims 1,671 birds, 2nd St. Ghislain 2,535 birds, 2nd Creil 2,633 birds.

477's father ROCKETMAN was in Mike's breeding loft until the end of 2006 when Mike decided he needed more room for the Creator Family and Sure Bet!! ROCKETMAN handles like a dream, full bodied, great muscle tone, super wings, the traditional super strong back, the kind that allows the bird to turn on a dime while at full flight speed!! 477's mother DESTINY is a full sister to Ganus' ALL ALONE. She won 1st Place Royal Crown Classic Race - 3 minutes ahead at a one loft race with 172 birds competing from 300 miles. Winning $50,000. She is a daughter of the ROCKET & JENNIFER!! This family is my favorite family of birds, super handling, super breeding, super flying generation after generation!!

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