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The Super Creator Family!!

Wow, where does one begin about the CREATOR Family, let's start with CREATOR (NL 0182011-01) himself, as a racer he won 42 early prizes with several being 1st places highlighted by 1st Etampes 6,989 birds, 4th Etampes 4, 852 birds and 5th Creil 5,048 birds. As a breeder he is second to none, father to 3 different 2nd National Winners and a 1st National Ace Pigeon WHZB All Holland in 2002, then the grandfather to DIAMOND RING (NL 0468222-04) 1st National Ace WHZB All Holland in 2004!! He is the grandfather to 10 different birds that were in the top 10 National positions!! This was accomplished by Wout Spierings by a well planned breeding program that used linebreeding to its greatest success!! If you study the pedigrees of many of the winners you will find aunts and nephews mated, uncles and nieces mated, then the key outcrosses brought in to preserve the winning characteristics of this family and even to take it to a new level of winning consistency. The CREATOR Family will win at 100 miles out to 450 miles as a youngster and up to 550 miles as old birds.

Here are just a few examples of what CREATOR's relatives have accomplished:
Daughter NL 0468252-04 1st National Orleans 9,001 birds, 99th National Etampes 17,642 birds
Daughter NL 0567266-05 18th National Orleans 17,487 birds, 44th Creil 6,410 birds, 47th St Ghislain 3,331 birds
Daughter NL 0377570-03 58th Strombeek 5,975 birds, Mother to DIAMOND RING, 1st National Ace All Holland 2004
Daughter NL 0377654-03 7th Peronne 5,504 birds, 23rd Hensies 5,819 birds, 15th Hensies 3,761 birds
Daughter NL 0468211-04 34th National Etampes 17,642 birds
Son NL 0273745-02 1st Nat Ace Young Bird All Holland 2002, 3rd Strombeek 1,029 birds, 4th Peronne 1,042 birds, 6th Chantilly 2,574 birds
Son NL 2315934-03 2nd National LaSouterraine 9,512 birds, 17th Heverlee 3,750 birds, 15th Creil 2,028 birds
Son NL 0468251-04 4th Heverlee 825 birds, 22nd Pithivier 3,992 birds, 25th Blois 2,325 birds
Granddaughter NL 0468222-04 DIAMOND RING 1st National Ace Young Bird All Holland 2004 - 4th Creil 7,100 birds, 17th National Orleans 9,001 birds, 47th National Etampes 13,483 birds
Granddaughter NL 2315934-03 2nd Creil 5,085 birds, 1st Peronne 1,021 birds
Grandson NL 0377652-03 1st LaMons 12,664 birds, 5th National LaMons 99,104 birds, 31st Creil 6,747 birds
Grandson NL 0408247-04 18th National Orleans 9,001 birds, 7th LaSouterraine 2,369 birds, 9th Argenton 2,993 birds
Sister NL 0273769-02 2nd National Orleans 8,072 birds, 57th Hensies 5,412 birds
Brother NL 0377596-03 40th Etampes 21,641 birds, 22nd Chateauroux 8,605 birds, 33rd Morlincourt 2,710 birds
Niece NL 0273762-02 2nd National Orleans 12,032 birds, 16th Hensies 3,761 birds, 48th Etampes 5,155 birds
Niece NL 0273739-02 5th National Ace Young Bird All Holland 2002 - 2nd Chantilly 2,574 birds, 5th Peronne 1,042 birds, 35th Strombeek 3,828 birds
Niece NL 0377609-03 15th Creil 7,892 birds, 14th Hensies 3,761 birds
Nephew NL 0273728-02 8th National Ace Young Bird All Holland 2002 - 2nd National Orleans 1,848 birds, 7th Chantilly 4,153 birds, 12th Ruffec 1,573 birds

Need there be anything else said, generation after generation breeding winners!! I am proud to say that I have the second largest group of imported CREATOR Family birds in the USA. Mike was kind enough to share these birds with me with the understanding that I would breed them true to themselves, a Family of winners from generation to generation. I will let the pedigrees speak for themselves. Each of the CREATOR Family birds that are offered are tremendous bodied, generally bouyant, well muscled, single pin tails with strong backs, they are everything one looks for in a super racer and breeder.

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