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Super Inbred Silver Boy!!

I have always loved Ludo Claessen's birds, they have always done extremely well for me, winning for me many prizes over the years. So when I decided to come back into the racing sport very seriously in 2004 I went to Mike and asked about his current family of Ludo Claessens. Instantly I was sold, in the old family the cock birds were big, awkward looking birds, with the hens being much better medium size birds, but this new family, WOW, what a family, medium in size, great handling, super strong, wings with the strength that is hard to describe, just try and spread the wing, they'll often jerk it back if you dn't have a firm grip! Anyway a little about the background!!

My Family is based around SILVER BOY - NL 9410378-94. Here is what Mike has to say about him:

SILVER BOY the fantastic breeding male from Ludo Claessens. Father, grandfather and great grandfather to countless winners. Everyone in Holland knows of SILVER BOY, he is a key breeder. Now let's look at the family tree. Nest brother VOS 77 (NL 9410377-94), 3 years running (1996, 1997, and 1998) in the top 15 Golden Crack aces. Then his famous father, LATE RODE 430 (NL 8926430-89), sire to 25 - 1st prize winners and 3 Golden Crack Aces of Holland. Possibly the best breeder Ludo ever owned. Also his half sister, DOUBLE GOLD, also a multiple winner bred RED VENUS (NL 9779579-97) the best record hen ever for Ludo at long distance. Now you can see why SILVER BOY is a dominate key to the family of Ludo Claessen pigeons, a super breeder.

Oh there is one little known secret to SILVER BOY, his father's full sister OLYMPIA QUEEN is the grandmother to SURE BET!!

This family made an immediate impact on my return to racing, winning the Ft Wayne Memorial Futurity in 2005, then in the top 10 in 2006!! Then in 2007 Equal First Place at the I-Race One Loft Race!!

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