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Rusty became involved in truck and tractor pulling at the age of 16 in 1972. He built a Modified tractor to compete on the state level (PTPA) and also the National level (NTPA). He went from a single engine to a 3 engine tractor during his 10 year tenure in pulling. During those years, he was approached to help build a stock 4x4 truck and a Super Stock 4x4 truck for competition. These trucks pulled on the local, state and national levels.

In 1984, when no longer competing in pulling events, Rusty, Bob and others decided to build their own sled. It was used on the local, state and as a backup sled for TNT pulls on a national level. Rusty was an operator of this sled and traveled extensively to places like Indianapolis, IN and Watertown, NY. This group also had equipment needed to promote their own pulling events.

After selling the pulling sled, Rusty and his father decided to continue in pulling by supplying the equipment needed for pulling events. They supplied the roller, which they also built and sold, and the Semi hitches and scales. Their Semi hitches were unique because they also built a machine to mount these hitches. The result was reduced time needed to mount the hitches which made Semi pulling events more efficient and professional.

Rusty contracted the use of his equipment to Full Pull Productions for the last 10 years. He was the official tech for the Big Rigs Series for the past 7 years. This included supplying the scales needed to weigh these large vehicles. Rusty also was a official track builder for Full Pull where he was responsible for preparation of the pulling track. In October 2005, Rusty relinguished his ties with Full Pull Productions for equipment rental. He will still have equipment for rent on an individual basis.

Rusty was also a ATPA official for tech and track work for the past 5 years. In November 2005, when approached by Lucas Oil Pro Pulling League to sanction truck and tractor pulling events in the PA, NY and West VA areas, Rusty and Bob formed Power Pulling Productions, LLC. With his, Bob`s combined years of pulling experience he knows they can take pulling to the next level by promoting affordable events for the best competition vehicles available.