1. This is a street legal 4 x 4 truck class available to owners of trucks that are legal for highway use in the state of registration. If your truck is street legal and is built to the rules set forth herein, you can enter this class. Your registration papers are required to prove that the truck is licensed for street use. A license plate with current sticker tag is required to be affixed to the truck. Registration papers, license plate and sticker tag must match for the state in which truck is registered. Trucks may be hauled to the pull.

2. Dual wheels, studded tires, tire chains or any tire not specifically intended for street use are not permitted in this class. All tires must carry a D.O.T. number on the side wall. DOT number must be easily read from the outside of the tire. NO CUT, ALTERED OR SHARPENED TIRES. Maximum tire size is 35” x 12.50.

3. Weight class is 6700 pounds. No hanging weights are permitted. No weights allowed under hood or in the wheel wells. No weights may be suspended under the body/chassis or behind panels/parts. Weights are permitted properly secured in the truck bed.

4. Front bumpers must be UNALTERED if factory stock. Brush guards and winch brackets and brackets for snow plow frames are permitted so long as no modifications that would add weight are determined. Brush guards must be HOLLOW. A truck is permitted to compete without any front bumper.

5. The hitch point will be from the rear bumper only or from a “REESE TYPE” Hitch on a level plane with the point of attachment to the truck’s frame behind the pumpkin of the rear end. No other types of hitches are permitted. Hitch point may not be more than 26" from the ground. No angled, lever, pivot, axis or other types of ‘TRICK’ hitches are allowed and the hitch must be stationary in all directions. The hook point must be the furtherest point to the back of the truck with no support from rear drive line. Hook point must be past the bed of the truck if there is no bumper, or past the end of the bumper. Each truck driver must supply a twisted clevis that will accommodate a minimum of 3.5 inches across the opening to accept sled hook.

6. No aluminum engine blocks are permitted unless O.E.M. Gasoline is the only fuel permitted. Absolutely no alcohol, nitrous oxide or other oxygen extenders. Turbo blue and Cam-2 are permitted. No superchargers or turbochargers unless O.E.M. for that model year. Engine swaps between manufacturers are NOT permitted. Exhaust must exit thru muffler and toward rear of cab. One four barrel carburetor max permitted or OEM Factory fuel injection.

7. Trucks must run a 3 spring pack on rear or O.E.M. suspension. No blocks or stops permitted.

8. Truck must be stock in appearance. Bed must have metal floor. Wooden flatbeds are permitted.

9. The wheelbase may not be changed from original manufacturer.

10. The transmission and transfer case must be O.E.M. and available in one ton (or smaller) pick up trucks.

11. Long sleeve shirt must be worn.

12. Operation of contest will revert to the rules of the Lucas Oil Pro Pulling League in instances not specified above.

13. Factory glass must remain in place.

14. Traction bars are permitted.