1. Maximum weight for competition is 20,000#.

  2. Truck must be stock appearance for that year, model and make of truck.

  3. One commercial truck engine only permitted. Engine must have been available in road use trucks. No non-commercial or specialty engines permitted. (QSK-19 has been approved for competition)

  4. Two (2) air stages maximum are permitted on engine.

  5. Transmissions and rear ends must be commercial truck factory components.

  6. Automatic transmissions must be covered by an approved scatter blanket.

  7. Vehicles are required to have steel flywheel and clutch components. No cast clutch components permitted. All bell housings must be covered by approved scatter blanket.

  8. Mechanical clutches only will be permitted.

  9. Vehicles are required to have a starter interrupter switch, which will only let vehicle start when in neutral.

  10. Batteries must be located and mounted outside of driver’s compartment.

  11. A diverter valve that will permit fuel to return to the fuel tank in the case of an emergency is required.

  12. Pressurized tanks, bottles, or cylinders are not permitted with the exception of air supply tanks used for air brake equipment.

  13. Drawbar:
    A. Drawbar must directly pull from the 5th wheel.

    Maximum hitch height is 46 inches.

    B. Minimum drawbar length is 34 inches from center of the rear axle to the farthest point on hitch, and no longer than 30% of the wheelbase.

    C. Drawbar must be equipped with a three inch round hole and free from any obstructions during hitching. Hook point may not be more than two inches from back edge of drawbar.

    D. Drawbar must be designed with a minimum of three inches of total material at any point.

    E. Pivot pin must be greater than one inch in diameter.

    F. No chains or cable permitted as drawbar.

  14. Kill Switch
    A. Safety switch will activate the air shut off will be within twelve (12) inches of drawbar.

    B. Vehicles that have electric fuel pumps will have switch connected to kill switch to stop fuel being pumped to engine.

    C. Vehicles must have master electrical disconnect clearly visible to official.

    D. Engine ignition and fuel supply master switches must be within easy operating reach of driver for disconnect.

  15. Tires
    A. DOT tires only. Maximum tire size to be 11X24.5X8.25 or 10X22X8.25

    B. Must have dual wheels and dual tires on rear axles. Only “Bud” type wheels permitted

    C. No chains or cables permitted.

    D. Cut tires are not allowed.

  16. Axles
    A. Tandem axle drive semi trucks will be allowed to compete.

    B. No air or mechanical lifts for front axles are permitted.

    C. The rear axle drive must be secured to the frame to keep a constant hitch height while hooked to sled during competition.

  17. Chaining of axles
    A. The rear drive axle must be secured tightly by chain or other device to the frame to maintain the legal hitch height while hooked to the sled.

    B. Chain binders are not permitted.

    C. If tires on any rear drive axle loose contact with the ground, under the green flag, is under possible disqualification. Action is protest able.

  18. Weights
    A. Weights must not interfere with hooking of sled to drawbar.

    B. Weights cannot extend rearward more than 51 inches from the center of the rear axle.

    C. Weights cannot extend more than 24 inches from stock forward most point.

  19. Fluid testing procedures
    A. Fuel may be tested at each of the events in the point’s race season.

    B. Testing of water will be done on a case by case basis. Windshield washer fluid is not permitted.