1. Maximum weight is 6,200 lbs. Add on weight is permissible. Hanging weight may not extend more than 195 inches from the center of the rear axle. Weights may not extend more than 60 inches from centerline of front axle. Two rollers must be attached to the most forward point of the bottom or side of weight box.

2. No cubic inch limit.

3. Any aluminum cylinder heads are permitted.

4. Aluminum blocks are permitted.

5. Any intake allowed with one four barrel carburetor.

6. Exhaust will exit thru hood or behind cab.

7. Sheet metal must conform to wheel base. Fiberglass body permitted. Must have a bed floor or tonneau cover and firewall.

8. Any make engine allowed with any make body.

9. Hitch height is 26" maximum. Must be rigid in all directions. Mandatory Safety hitch must be as strong as primary hitch and cannot be connected to primary hitch. Must be 12 inches below primary hitch, minimum 3/8 thick with an opening of 3.75 x 3.5 No bolts in hitches. Must be forged pin. From point of hook to centerline of rear axle shall be no less than 27% of wheel base.

10. Rear of block must be 12" behind the center of front axle tube.

11. Drive train will consist of the following: Any front axle, any transfer case, any rear axle. No planetaries permitted.

12. OEM Frame rail only permitted.

13. Totally enclosed bell housing is required. Must meet SFI Spec 6.1 or better. All vehicles not inspected for highway use must have: manual transmission - Flywheel shield Automatic transmission - SFI Spec. 29.1 flex plate. No cast iron permitted. A positive gear lockout, approved safety blanket over the torque converter area. A full length blanket is required. Must meet SFI Spec. 4.1. Drive shaft loops and U joint shields are rquired.

14. Maximum width of truck is 102".

15. No mud flaps or dirt deflectors.

16. Tires must be DOT approved. 35" x 12.50. No studded tires, chains or any alterations. No bar tires and no dual tires.

17. Must have kill switch.

18. No fuel tanks or lines in cab.

19. No air suspension or hydraulic systems

20. Helmet, fire jacket and gloves are mandatory. No tennis shoes or open toes. Fire proof boots recommended.

21. Membership will be $100.00. Must attend 2/3 of scheduled events to receive points fund money. One drop hook can be used for missing one event. Drop hook points awarded is two places lower than last pulling vehicle points.