Super Stock 4X4 Truck Rules

1. Maximum weight of competition vehicle is 6200#.

2. Maximum cubic is 410 and engine type must match body manufacturer. If primary 410 cubic inch motor is replaced due to failure, secondary motor allowed up to 2% overage of 410 cubic inch.

3. Any automotive type engine must be limited to a single (4) barrel or 2 (2) barrels of carburetion with mechanical linkage, with only two valves per cylinder and must accept a stock automotive crankshaft. Aluminum aftermarket engine blocks permitted.

4. Fuel injection or any air compressing devices are not permitted.

5. Rear of engine block if moved must be a minimum of twelve (12) inches behind the centerline of the front axle.

6. OEM bore spacing must be retained in engine.

7. Grill must be in original position.

8. Truck bodies permitted and must have complete firewall, no fiberglass or plastic bodies unless OEM. OEM frame rails same as manufacturer as truck only permitted. Fiberglass repair panels are permitted.

9. Axle shields are required. Shield to be .060 thickness steel or aluminum. Shield not to be mounted to axle ends or hub bolts. A single hole may be cut in one to allow locking of hubs.

10. Maximum wheelbase is 134 inches on all Super Stock 4X4 trucks.

11. Maximum tire size to be 112 inches in circumference once tire is inflated to 30psi. The outside edge of the narrow axle must overlap the centerline of the tire on the wide axle by at least one inch.

12. Clear plexi-glass or factory tint glass permitted.

13. No mud flaps or dirt deflectors will be permitted.

14. No fuel tanks, fuel lines, pressure gauges or pups allowed in cabs. All hydraulic lines in cab must be shielded top and sides with a minimum of .060 aluminum.

15. All air or hydraulic suspension systems cannot have hydraulic, air, or electric lines attached to these devices during competition.

16. Hitch height maximum is to be 26 at point of hook before, during, and after pull. Hitch must be rigid in all directions and solidly mounted. Pulling point can be no more than 1 inches from back edge of drawbar. No clevis, chains, or cables permitted in hitching device. From point of hook to centerline of rear axle shall be no less than 27% of truck wheelbase.

17. Electronic timing delay devices or programmable ignition boxes prohibited.

18. Read only engine and chassis monitoring functions will be permitted.

19.SFI Approved gloves, fire suit and shoes must be worn when pulling. Helmets must be Snell 90 or above.

20. All other rules not stated will fall under the Modified 4X4 truck category.