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At home on Kenyon's first block - our favorite street in Hartford

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Things We Love
The People, The Detail, The History, Walking to Restaurants, 
Visiting on Porches, House Renovations, Concerts in the Park, 
Tall Trees, City Gardens, Elizabeth Park, No Commute!, BookMobile, The Letter Carrier, Everything Close, The Eateries, 
The Connections, The Giants, The Neighbors


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    Photos of each house - Kenyon's first block   (includes permit dates, architect, etc.), plus:
          A History of 65 Kenyon Street 



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        Traffic Calming    

        Farmington Ave. :  KFCShell Lot,  Dumpsters 

        Magnet School at 1265 Elizabeth

          Accessory Dwelling Unit Proposal

        Hartford City Plan 2020

        MDC Sewer Separation.   Street Closings

        I-84 Hartford Viaduct

          31 Kenyon Lot

        44 Kenyon    

        52 Kenyon

        62 Kenyon


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    About Kenyon Garden Walks  

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    Gardens Can Save a Neighborhood

    Adopted Rose Bed in Elizabeth Park   

    Our E Park Centennial Roses


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    Restoration at 67 Kenyon 2012 
    Progressive Dinner  2012 
    Super Market on Kenyon 2012   article
    Halloween Nor'Easter  2011
    Progressive Dinner  2011
    Progressive Dinner  2010 
    E-Mart Opens on Chinese New Year  2010 
    Winter 2010
    A Blazing Fall 2009
    Curb Appeal!  2009  
    Halloween on Kenyon 2009   
    Walk to Farmer's Market 2009    
  Progressive Dinner 2009


Photo Gallery  (continued)    Arrow-click for top of sitemap

    Holiday Cookie Swap 2008
          Cookie Recipes
    Speed Bump Celebration 2008

    Backyard Dinner and a Movie 2008

    New Gardens 2008

    Oven Fire 2008

    Calendar-Setting Party 2008

    Downtown Adventure 2008

    Holiday Dinner 2007

    Kenyon Reunion 2007

    Summer Pizza Party 2007

    Progressive Dinner 2007 

    Fall Garden Party and Scavenger Hunt 2006    

        Take the test  


    Elizabeth Park Jazz Concert 2006

    Concert on the Green 2006 

    Bowling Party 2006

    Garden Walk Photos


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    Latest Tag Sale

    Tag Sale Journal




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How to Plant a TreeScape

          New Tree Maintenance
          Award-winning photo



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    Any house on the block with a 'for sale' sign in the lawn.
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    Victorian Hartford Note Cards for sale

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