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At home on Kenyon's first block - our favorite street in Hartford.

Picture of Kenyon St. homes, looking north   Picture of Kenyon St. homes, east side   Picture of Kenyon St. homes, looking north

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Who to know, Where to go.   All of this is minutes away 
- right in our backyard.
A virtual directory with almost everything you need to know at your 
fingertips, and some cool stuff, too.

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Hartford Links - Table of Contents


Hartford History Sources: arrow - click for Table of Contents                Sources               Articles


Laws & National Historic Register:   arrow - click for Table of Contents
Hartford historic preservation law    

National Register of Hist Places    35 Hfd districts  80 buildings  see map

      West End Districts on the National Register of Historic Places:
      Prospect Avenue (north of Elizabeth St.)  1985  #85001918
      West End North  (north of Farmington Ave.) 1985  #85001618
      West End South  (north of West Blvd. to Whitney) 1985  #85000763 
      West Boulevard  (Rodney St. & West Blvd.) 2006  #06000615
      Little Hollywood  (Frederick, Dennison, Owen Sts)  1982  #82004423
      West End Center (pending) 2010
          Individually Listed:
          Elizabeth Park  1983, #83001259
          Seminary District   1982, #82004411
          Austin House   1994, #94001189
          Children's Village   1982, #82004404
          Watkinson School   1995, #95000273

Hfd Board of Trade - Promoting Hartford in 1889


History Overview - Sources:   arrow - click for Table of Contents
Hartford, CT: landmarks, history, neighborhoods  
      books    site map  
Connecticut Historical Society 
Hartford Preservation Alliance  
Hartford Public Library
   Hfd Collection   
ews Articles
Hog River Journal   about   subscribe  

Park River Project 
Hartford Studies project  
Hartford History Website    articles  

Stowe-Day Foundation
Antiquarian and Landmarks Society
Wadsworth Athaneum Library
Society of the Descendants of the Founders of Hartford

Hartford History Articles:   arrow - click for Table of Contents       1600       1700       1800       1900       2000

News Article search  
Hartford Firsts  
A Shoeleather History of Hartford   
The History of Hartford  
Carolyn’s History of Hartford  

1600's    arrow - click for Table of Contents
1633  The Dutch Put Hartford on the Map  
Hartford Founded as a Progressive Puritan Settlement  
Hartford Black History Project  
Legend of the Charter Oak  
1689  Creative License, or Fundamental Fact  

1700's   arrow - click for Table of Contents
1730  Market Street Bookshop History  
1740  Oldest Hfd Building (1740) in Storage  
Black Governor's Ball   
First US-French Revolutionary War Conference  
Washington-Rocheambeau Revolutionary Route  
The Butler-McCook House  
Noah Webster  
1789  Hfd Fire Dept History    major fires   Firehouse Cooking
1795  Ohio Land Speculation Benefits CT Public Schools  
First American Cookbook  

1800's   arrow - click for Table of Contents
1800  Frederick Law Olmstead
How the Lions Came to City Hall  
Temples Woven in Hartford History  
1819  CT's First Black Congregation - 3rd in U.S   
1851  Making a Success of Coltsville  
Miracle on Capitol Avenue  
Hartford Speech: Lincoln's Brilliance   
1862  Doctoring on the Field of Battle  

Black Society after the Civil War  
The Trinity College Long Walk  
1874  Hartford Dark Blues Ball Club 1875   more 
The Cheney Building  
CT Inventors first in the Nation  
1877  The Seldon Patent – first auto combustion engine  
The Governor's Foot Guard Hall  
Motto Flatiron Building - Congress St  
Austin Organ Co is 112 Years Old  
The First Auto Manufacturing in the U.S   more  3  
1895  Hog River History  
1895  The Horseless Era Arrives  

1900's   arrow - click for Table of Contents
1902  Hfd Senators Vintage Baseball Club  
Opening of the Bulkeley Bridge  
1912  Hartford City Hall Turns 90   more  
Hartford's Aircraft Industry  
  Ninety Days that Sickened Connecticut    
1929  Polish National Home Turns 75  
Mi Casa's Renovation  
1940  In a Neighborhood, a Boy's World 
1944  Hartford Circus Fire Memorial   article   more   
Enigma of Wallace Stevens  website  walk  13 Ways
1955  Rosa Parks Memorial Service - Hartford  
St. Anne's Church  
1974  The Education of Ella Grasso  

2000's   arrow - click for Table of Contents
2003  Samuel Stone Statue - Hartford's Sister City  
Refugees in Hartford  
Home for Rogers African-American Cultural Ctr  



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