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At home on Kenyon's first block - our favorite street in Hartford.

Picture of Kenyon St. homes, looking north   Picture of Kenyon St. homes, east side   Picture of Kenyon St. homes, looking north

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Who to know, Where to go.   All of this is minutes away 
- right in our backyard.
A virtual directory with almost everything you need to know at your 
fingertips, and some cool stuff, too.

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Hartford Links - Table of Contents


The City: arrow - click for Table of Contents     

                City Gvt     Trash     Traffic     Parks & Rec     Housing     Development     Emergency     Misc     Schools    

City of Hartford:  arrow - click for Hartford
City of Hartford   
      Request Services:  311,     757-9311 (cells),    311@Hartford.gov,   or
                                             http://www.seeclickfix.com/ hartford
      Emergency:  911,        Police Dispatch: 527-6300      WE Officer:  Officer Joseph 
            Sherbo  860-757-4483 (o), 860-305-5998 (c), sherj003@hartford.gov 
      Mayor's Office:  543-8500      wireless Hartford  

      regional profile   history    demographics 2010   demographics 2000  
      neighborhoods    neighborhood orgs    community orgs  
      services directory    constituent services    public board
City Government & Taxes: 
arrow - click for Hartford
       '10 proposed budget    2010 mil rate $76.64 proposed  
      budget 08-09  (aboutbudget short  article'08  article2_'08    
            budget 07-08  article'05  
      last revaluation: 10/1/2006, w/ phase-in over 5 years.  '09 mil rate: $72.79  
revaluation law   revaluation phase-in   article '10   article '06   article '07     
            assessments   look-up    
            paying taxes   tax exempt map    2 hr. audio program   Grand List 
      draft com. dev. plan '10   funds to    '05-'09
      bond rating 'A'
      proposed laws    laws    audit  
      vital records     data       Hartford facts 
arrow - click for Hartford
 Trash/Recycle = Wed. in West End (no parking)  on holidays = Thurs.
            recycling containers    whole city trash schedule    
            streetsweeping follows trash pick-up  
            fall leaf collection   leaf schedule  (2nd & 5th wk of Nov.)  
            bulky waste: 543-8750    electronics  2  hs haz waste
            map    info   faqs    rules   violations    to report
                  donate stuff    Dress for Success donations  
                  Freecycle  Hartford     WE annual tag sale
            CRRA (where it all goes)  
            Graffiti Hotline:  311, or 541-2015 
Traffic:  arrow - click for Hartford
      HPD Traffic Division    Traffic: Event Schedule   Kenyon Issue  
      Report potholes  at 311  road construction to '02   street map 
            parking ticket   protest ticket    parking authority
Parks and Recreation:  arrow - click for Hartford
      Booking parks/ fields, sports info - 522-4888 x 5912  
      (jump to: Recreation and Events around the block)
      Event Permits (street closings, weddings, parades, etc.)  
Housing:  arrow - click for Hartford
      Multi-family Housing Code:  757-9215, alopez@hartford.gov
      Zoning Enforce: Wm Shoff, 757-9239, wshoff@hartford.gov 
      Planning & Zoning     Zoning Board of Appeals  
      zoning regs   plan of development   

      Hartford historic preservation law  summary  article  
           commission   federal standards   Hfd guidelines   
           historic preservation tear -away sheets
      National Register of Historic Places   40 Hfd districts  
            West End central sector =  district #85001618

            link your business to a registered site.
Home Ownership:  arrow - click for Hartford
      City Homeownership Programs:
   (also see State: CHFA)
HouseHartford -5% downpmt loan, forgiven in 5 yrs. 
            (max $15,000 incl closing) income limit for 1 family.
      rehab loans (up to 6%)
Rising Star block in WE is south of  Farmington Ave.  
            contact: 757-9400     newsletter 
            Neighborhoods of Hfd, Inc. 
      First Time Homebuyer website    
      Mutual Housing Assoc of GH  

      Housing Organizations:
      CT Housing Investment Fund:    news    homeowners 
      Neighborhoods of Hartford  
      CT Housing Coalition  
      Rebuilding Hartford Together 
      Partnership for Strong Communities  
      The Lyceum 
Development:  arrow - click for Hartford
      Development Services
    Draft Com. Dev. Plan '10   funds to   '05-'09  
      Annual Performance and Evaluation Report for HUD
            article   article   article   
            Stalling Sprawl  
            Keys to Neighborhood Development  
            The 40 Year Plan  
Arts As Essential  
Main Street Possibilities
            Tax Land More, and Buildings Less?
Emergency & Safety:  arrow - click for Hartford
      Dial 911 - Emergency  /  Poison Control Ctr: 343-2722    
      Dial 211 -
Info Line for community services  
      Dial 311 - City Services - City Complaints
      Social services contacts    

      See amber alert under State Dept of Public Safety

Police:  arrow - click for Hartford
      Police Dept     
            West End Officer John Miller- 424-2034 
            Police Dispatch - 527-6300
            Lt. Long (complaints, does scheduling) 527-6300
            Report guns: 525-guns  /  Report drugs: 525-drug
            Report lost gun: law 
            Report dogs: 
722-8301 / 543-8701
            Report Animal Control:  757-4390
            Report cars violating parking ban:  527-6300  
 parking ban  2
            Report Tips:  527-tips  
               Conditions Officer James Elliott: 527-7300 ex. 4422
               Zone 2 Commander Lieutenant Bergenholtz  550-1041
               NW Dist Command. Captain Even 524-7300 ex. 4211
      FAQ    WE dist    Crime Stats  2 

Fire:  arrow - click for Hartford
      Fire Dept.   Sisson Ave: Engine 11, ladder 5     GIS  
           Fire Explorers   equipment   communications 

Safety:  arrow - click for Hartford    
           hydrant safety   smoke detectors
           alarm law   fire safety info   stop-drop-roll video  
           car seat law   lead tips    health tips  
Miscellaneous:  arrow - click for Hartford
     Dog License
    dog laws     fishing license   
      animal control - 543-8741  animal shelter- adopt  
     Graffiti Hotline:  311, or 541-2015 
      Jobs     living wage    file a trade name 

Weather cancellation  city snow: 543-8765  parking ban  2
      Report cars violating parking ban:  527-6300  
      e-notification of cancellations 

      weather forecast    average climate    sunrise-sunset

Articles:  arrow - click for Hartford
      Brookings: Both Cheer And Gloom For Hartford - 3/2010
      NYT: Hartford's Preservation Law is Best - 1/2010

Schools:  arrow - click for Hartford
Hartford Public Schools   Directory  
      cal   06-07  07-08  08-09
      Achievement First  2  (pre-K to 8)
      U of Hartford Magnet School  (Pre-K to 5)
      Montessori Magnet School  (Pre-K to 6)
      Breakthrough Magnet School  (Pre-K to 6)

      Noah Webster MicroSociety Magnet  2  (pre-K to 8)
      Classical Magnet School   (6 to 12)
Gr Hfd Academy of Math & Science  (9 to 12)
Gr Hfd Academy of the Arts (9 to 12) 
          Performances   article  
      Hartford Conservatory
Magnet article  
Capital Region Education Council 


Trash     Traffic     Parks and Rec     Housing     Development     Emergency     Misc     Schools    

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