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At home on Kenyon's first block - our favorite street in Hartford.


Planting a cherry tree on Kenyon Street     Planting a cherry tree on Kenyon Street

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How to Plant a TreeScape     Tree Pruning and Maintenance

How to Plant a Treescape
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On Earth Day- April 22, 2006
over thirty neighbors and friends
 came out to plant  25 trees 
on Kenyon Street.  

We have lovely maple, cherry,
 crabapple, Ginko and Katsura trees
 gracing the block, thanks to Doug  and  the
 Knox Parks Foundation  
and their program: 
Trees for Hartford Neighborhoods


Twenty-four neighbors planting 4 trees on Kenyon Steet
Award-winning photo, by Carolyn West:  2007 Hfd Courant 'Our Town' contest.

The Knox Parks Foundation 
Street Tree Program:

  • They provide the trees, the heavy equipment and the expertise (and some fine workers).  

  • You turn out the neighbors to help.  Each owner gets to pick their trees and locations on the apron and front yard of their property.

By 2007, the Knox program has planted over 340 trees in 22 city blocks in Hartford's neighborhoods, parks and school grounds.

The Genesis:

Toni knows about the  program, and tells Victoria.   Victoria holds a dessert party to set the annual calendar.  Doug volunteers to organize the street tree project and passes out the tree list.  He works with Charmaine Craig from Knox to organize the whole thing.  We pick our varieties ( 24 choices)  and where we want them.  The spots are tweaked to avoid above and below ground utility lines.  It has been over thirty years since street trees were planted on our block.

The Big Day:
Earth Day- April 22, 2006,  9AM - 2 PM.

The trees are distributed and the equipment arrives (along with the coffee).  
9 AM, Jack Hale, Director of Knox, teaches everyone the essentials.   Charmaine has everything organized.

Ron in the catepillar driving to the next site to dig on Kenyon     Jack Hale on Kenyon Street explaining how to plant the trees to twenty neighbors.  Equipment all around          


       With the Caterpillar, Ron digs the holes.

Ron digging a hole with the catepillar    The catepillar behind one happy owner ready for her tree    


Some holes have to be dug by hand.

    Neighbors dig high on the hill with daffodills in the foreground      


Dirt is shoveled out by hand to just the right width and depth for the root ball of the tree.  
The top of the ball is level with the soil.

Two women put their backs into it     The tree caddy moves the balled tree near the hole


Clip the twine from the branches.

Clipping the twine from the tied branches


Trolley the tree near its spot.   

The tree caddy moves the street tree into position.


...And roll the ball into the hole.

Lowering the root ball into the hole     Positioning the root ball takes some discussion         


Once it's in the hole....Push it upright.

     Pushing the tree upright     Neighbors helping neighbors

 A lovely Queen Anne gets a new street tree     A new cherry tree for one of the oldest homes on the street


Clip the wire and tamp down the burlap.

Filling the hole with dirt     Clipping the twine to loosen the burlap around the root ball     


Fill the hole with dirt while watering, adjusting the tree to make sure it's straight.

Three year old helps to water the tree in     


Wheel the mulch in.

Neighbors hauling mulch  - fabulous home in the background


Create a circle dam all around from the dirt and sod (placed upside down).  

Creating a dam around the new roots to catch the water     


Mulch with 3" - but not touching the trunk.

Mulching - but don't touch the trunk     


Everybody helps!  

Little ones help fill the hole      


....And has a good time.

Enjoying the job    Time for a laugh

              Neighbors gathering  A good photo op.

Charmaine gets a hand up


Water 15 gallons a day for the first week, then once a month.

A new ginko - needs 15 gallons a day the first week, then once a month


Enjoy your trees!

Couple enjoying their new tree


Thank you Knox and all your great staff and crew!
And thanks to all our neighbors, friends and family who worked so hard.
Next April ......the Kenyon Street Cherry Blossom Festival!



Tree Pruning and Maintenance

On May 5th, 2007, the first spring after we planted our trees, 
Ron, the arborist from the Knox Parks Foundation, 
returned to teach us how to care for our trees.

Click here to learn how:   Tree Pruning and Maintenance     Click arrow to go to next page.


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