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At home on Kenyon's first block - our favorite street in Hartford

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2012:    Restoration of 67 Kenyon    Progressive Dinner    Central Market on Kenyon
2011:    Halloween Nor'easter   Progressive Dinner 
2010:    Winter 2010    E-Mart Opens     Progressive Dinner      
2009:    Blazing Fall      Curb Appeal     Halloween on Kenyon     Walk to Farmer's Market    
             Progressive Dinner

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Restoration Details
67 Kenyon

Spring and Summer, 2012


                                Before                                                                                After                            

In 1975 the owners of this 1897 architect-designed home planned to sell their rooming house and 
decided that covering it up with aluminum siding would help the sale.  
Details were sawed off, window frames were covered, curved lines and skirted features were masked. 
One of the most elegant homes on the block was disguised as a big blue box.   
Almost 40 years later, armed with the architect's original  plans, Douglas and Mildred Unfried, the long-time owners of 67 Kenyon, have taken the plunge to restore the exterior to its original detail. 


First Step:  Add blown-in insulation.  In this case, blown-in fiberglass.  The insulation company removed a panel every few yards, then temporarily replaced it.  It took a little over a week. 


Then Dave and his crew at DJM Carpentry started work to remove the aluminum siding, and in most cases, 
the old shingling and tar paper, leaving the flat boards exposed.  Dirt and debris fell from in between.   
In 1897 this shingling was stained on all sides before it was installed, adding decades it its life. 


Rotted wood caused by lack of airflow, termites and other insect damage was exposed.  
Turn-of-the-20th century porches were supported underneath by a metal pipe stand, shown here.  100 years is about the life of these pipes which need to be replaced with footings extending below the frost line.


Nearly the entirely house is to be reshingled in red cedar, the original material.  It is more durable than white cedar, which is left to weather gray on cape-style houses.  They intend to paint the shingles.  
The north side was completed first.  
Window frames that had been sawed off, decorative columns and soffits were restored or replaced.  
Soffit vents allowing air to flow up along attic rafters and out the vented roof ridgeline were 
added to provide airflow and a bit of natural cooling.  
Finally, new vapor barriers and cedar shingling were added. 


 Details in good condition, like the curved shingles toed into the third floor diamond-paned windows were saved.  The flat, fluted columns framing the beautiful leaded and stained glass staircase windows were restored.


    The original plans showed brackets that had been removed, so the shape was 'interpreted' and brackets restored to their original location at the front of the house.


Uncovering the porch baluster detailing made a major difference to the look of the front of the house.   
Doug's a happy owner.


The lower portions of the porch were removed for restoration, and siding removal began on the south side.


This view shows all layers of old and new in one shot:  the aluminum siding, the uncovered original stained shingling, the old tar paper underneath, the flat board sheath underneath the tar paper, the holes where new insulation was blown-in, and the new vapor barrier and new cedar shingling.

This second-story porch was recently enclosed using new shingles that were painted blue to match.  The enclosure had to be re-shingled since the depth of the aluminum siding was much narrower 
than the original shake siding.  What a difference it makes.


The left shows how ladders are braced to access the higher areas of the house, and progress on the south side.  Costs are reduced by maintaining the original siding at points that would have required custom fitting,  
like the line where the bay window meets the south wall.
On the right, front porch structure is being rebuilt.  Momma skunk evacuated her 3 pups when the red cedar decking was in place!

Progress on the rear of the house.  The entire house is scaffolded to do the job.


The front peak and Palladian window are completed.  All is re-shingled except for the front porch.



This porch was originally shingled on the bottom with 12 gaps, each with 3 spindles to let in the breeze.
Even the gothic porch vents were restored.  The stair treads won't be put in place until the house is painted.


All the spindles have been taken down to the wood and primed. The spindles fit into the underside of the balustrade.  Making sure the columns are perfectly vertical is done initially with a level, but because they are tapered and bowed, the final adjustment is made by eye.  The temporary bracing can be removed.

Kudos to Dave and his crew at DJM Carpentry for a magnificent job.


Lemos arrives, and the painting begins.  First step: scraping and burning off the paint on the trim and windows begins.  Once paint is alligatored as this was, all the paint must be removed since the gaps go all the way down to the wood.


We hate to see the beautiful cedar shingles covered, but a primer must be sprayed on, since the house will be painted.  To do this, every window and opening is encased in plastic before the paint is sprayed.  Two coats of gray primer, each sanded, and two coats of base paint, the first sanded, are sprayed on.  Each layer of the sprayed paint is brushed to spread it into the crevices of the wood.  Since almost every part of this house is either new wood shingle or old trim with paint removed, a spraying technique can be used. 


    Color Scheme #1:
   The Unfrieds previously built a
   new garage, carefully copying the
  traditional features of old garages in
          the neighborhood.

   Here is the color scheme they
        originally planned to use.
      The soffits under the eaves,
        not visible in this view, 
      are a dark cranberry red.  
   It has since been repainted
       the new color scheme.




     Color scheme #2:  
     The base has been
  changed to an olive, the
  window mullions to copper
  brown to match the coming
      storm windows, The
    brown is darker and a
     dark royal blue and
  eggplant purple have been
       added for accents.
      A lighter blue (right
            of window)
       was tested and   

    The scheme for the 
     primed columns and       
       spindles are still 
          in the works.



  Progress on the details:

  The porch details are
  now painted. Decisions...
  Decisions...(Cream on
  the frame, blue and
eggplant on the columns,
  cranberry spindles (then
  change to blue), and
  something special:  
  gold leaf on the cap
  above the arched
  window on the 3rd floor!


Painting is complete and the steps are added.  
Details like the storms and landscaping are scheduled for after a certain very important wedding.   
Now onto complete the inside!  


Check in later for the completion of the project!

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Progressive Dinner 

Another great event on Kenyon Street... Sal  hosted the hors d'oeuvres.  Sue and Mik hosted the dinner, and Nancy and Mary hosted the dessert.  We were about 30 in all.


Finding our House-Name Tags, at Sal's fabulous home.


Sal made all the delicious hors d'oeuvres.





At Sue and Mik's for pot luck.




At Mary and Nancy's for dessert.  We had Victoria's Rum Cake (made by Nancy and Mary), Carolyn's Cocoanut Cake to Die For, a chocolate coffee bomb to celebrate Fi and Heather's upcoming birthdays, a banana-nut bunt, brownies, cupcakes and strawberries and cream - yummm!



Welcoming Kenyon's newest resident: Angel, an adorable 2 month old labra-doodle.



     Thank you all - another great progressive dinner!


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'Super' Market 
Comes Back to West End

Central Market is at the corner of Farmington Ave. and  Kenyon St.

Photos  from Farmington Avenue Wire

In March of 2012 the West End regains a general super market at last - right on the site of the old Cheese and Stuff!  Come take a look - you'll like what you see.  Click here  to read The Farmington Ave. Wire's article about the new market in the neighborhood.


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The              Halloween  Storm of  2011




                                                                                                                     pic by Martha

Largest  Power Outage Ever in Connecticut, 
 But NO General Outage on Kenyon St.

Three quarters of the state was out of power for up to 12 days.  However, not on our block.  The line in Hartford on Farmington Ave. is underground, so we've never lost power on the whole block here - not in 40 years.   One single house lost power, due to a branch down on the wire to the house.  
Most of us lost cable, though from lines downed elsewhere.  



pics by Martha

Three to 6" of wet, sticky, heavy snow was predicted three days before October 31, 2011 - a time in Connecticut when all the leaves are still on the trees.  This snow stuck to itself, piling on top of each leaf so that tree limbs bent to the ground.  Eventually, large limbs snapped, and 100 year old trees fell over, roots and all. 

pics by Martha


 Trees so tall that they pulled down power, phone and cable lines on nearly every block  in the state.  Electricity was knocked out to 3/4 of Connecticut homes and businesses - almost 800,000 customers.  CL&P was pilloried.  It took them up to 12 days for the last of the areas to get power back on.   


   We  took in friends and their food that would otherwise spoil.  You tried not to drive for a couple of days because you could start down a street and have to back down when you discovered a tree was down up ahead.  Closed streets were poorly marked even three days later.

The big cost for families here  - tree service to remove limbs and trees blocking areas or threatening to drop.  It cost most of us $1,500 or thereabouts to have trees pruned and removed.  

Cherry pickers rise as high as 60'.                        Tree workers who climb to prune are called dendricians.             

   Many of us waited months to get someone - crews came down from Maine and Vermont and up from the South to work for 2 months at a time.  

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Progressive Dinner 







Another great event on Kenyon Street... Caresse and Breck  hosted the hors d'oeuvres as we welcomed them to the block.  Victoria and Patrick hosted the dinner, and Randy and Tony hosted the dessert, serving as the last-minute substitute for Carolyn - afflicted with a whopping cold!  
 We were over 30 in all.


The ever-popular name and house badges are displayed on the fence for everyone to find.  







It was another perfect day for cocktails outdoors.

The potluck dinner buffet looks delicious.


Dining alfresco.



Henry's first progressive dinner!   arrow - click to link

Photos by Victoria.



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Progressive Dinner 



Another great event on Kenyon Street... Carol, Meg and Maggie hosted the hors d'oeuvres.  Martha and Dave hosted the dinner, and Toni hosted the dessert.   We were 33 in all - 28 for dinner and 30 for dessert.

At Carol, Meg and Maggie's, there was the outdoor crowd - centered on drinks and politics...


And the indoor crowd - catching up and sampling the delicacies.....






At Martha and Dave's, it was a twilight dinner in the yard and on the deck - perfect weather - despite the predictions of 90 degrees - it was mild and not humid.   There was more conversation first, of course in Martha and Dave's cottage garden.




It was good to see some old friends out and about.  And a visiting mom we know.


There were two venues for dinner - either out on the upper lawn, or..


on the deck...

We were seated at five round tables...


Rumor has it that there might be another pool on the block.



We even had a few friends from "off-block", by special invitation of the hosts.


Then it was off to Toni's for dessert.  Bonnie marked Russell's birthday with a special pistachio cake, Patty brought a carrot cake, Toni had the fixins for fresh strawberry short cake and vanilla ice cream.  By the dessert venue, the photographer was out of steam, so there is just this delicious orange crunch cake to document the event.  Get the recipe.

Another great time on Kenyon Street.   arrow - click to link


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E-Mart is now:
Center Market, 2012
Grand Opening 

Chinese New Year


The Cheese and Stuff legacy continues with the opening of Capitol Market
in their old space in the West End.  
The owners of Ichiban Japanese-Korean Restaurant (the Oh and Moon families) have opened
 a full Asian market across the street.  
on Kenyon St. at Farmington Ave.


The market features fresh fruits and vegetables, and fresh whole fish (complete with heads and tails, staffed to get you the perfect cut).  This brings much-needed fresh food to the neighborhood, supplementing our seasonal farmer's market.
The remainder of the market is stocked with Asian foods, including packaged,  
refrigerator and frozen foods. 


We picked up several unfamiliar packages and discovered a whole new world of food.
E-Mart is a well-known Korean chain.  The staff are ready to help you with whatever you need.  

Welcome to the neighborhood, E-Mart!   arrow - click to link


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Blazing white snow, cerulean blue sky, blue shadows on a winter's day.  



A fine, cozy ice fort!


A winter's sun...
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A Blazing Fall 



Fiery fall foliage on mature trees is a hallmark of  homes over 100 years old.  Many of these plantings have been planned to combine for spectacular color combinations.  



Why go to Vermont for foliage? - the best is to be found on Kenyon Street! 



 Reflections on a lovely view.  arrow - click to link



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Curb Appeal 



Toni won a Knox Parks Foundation Hartford Blooms Award.  Go Toni!! 
Her yard fits her spectacular home like a glove.  
You can find her out gardening most any time - three seasons.


Mary and Nancy removed volunteer trees and oversized shrubs 
to reveal a beautifully mature landscape.


Looking better than ever on Kenyon Street!   arrow - click to link



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2009 Halloween on Kenyon







300 trick-or-treaters came to Bonnie and Russell's this year.



The house was dressed for the occasion!

Everyone loved the stuffed animals and books they got.

Looks like Russell lost some body parts!

The house is elaborately dressed for Halloween, and it's snowing! 

Among other things, Kenyon Street is perfect for Halloween!


Photos by Bonnie.  arrow - click to link



Down at 
The West End
Farmer's Market






June 26 - four of us decide to walk down the block to check out the latest offerings
at the West End Farmer's Market - conveniently located at Whitney and Farmington Ave. every Tuesday and Friday from 4-7 p.m. through October 30.


Fennel, turnips, we split a bunch of scallions,  discuss recipes.....


We get local fruit in season and a lemon-ricotta cookie.  Click to see the participating vendors.


The goal, of course is to check out the handmade crepes - Apples and brie, Cinnamon and sugar,  savories, too.  Warm and delicious!  

We arrive back on Victoria's porch in time to witness the storm of the year - lightening seemed to strike the ground, thunder boomed, and the torrent turned to hail.  (It's not easy to take a picture of hail.)  This storm generated a tornado in Wethersfield, not seen in these parts 
since one hit Windsor Locks in 1979!

Storm notwithstanding, shopping together is a lot of fun.   And if it's right down the block, you can scoot back and enjoy the storm from your porch!  
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Progressive Dinner

April 18, 2009 - Kenyon's 5th Annual Progressive Dinner!- 6th?   
I think the count is about 30.  It's a lovely spring day, and we have all been cooking.

Toni hosts the cocktail party, then it's on to Victoria's for the sit down dinner.  Dessert and coffee is at Sue and Mik's.  It's just a smorgasbord of fun, friends, food and Victoriana.



Each of our first floors has 4 good-sized rooms, plus an elegant, roomy front hall.  
About right for tables for 6-10 people each, accommodating 30-40 people for sit-down buffet.  That's usually about right.



Sometimes, innovation is required.  Here's a table for two, a' la ironing board - for last minute RSVPs.  
Just the height of sophistication here in the West End.  


It's been a long winter, so we all catch up.


Great to see you all at our favorite event of the year!   arrow - click to link 

Photos by Victoria



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