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At home on Kenyon's first block - our favorite street in Hartford.


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Living on Kenyon Street and in Hartford's West End is special.  Here are at least eighteen reasons why.

The People     The Detail     The History     Walking to Restaurants     Visiting on Porches     Historic House Renovations    Concerts in the Park     Tall Trees     City Gardens     Elizabeth Park In Your Own Backyard     No Commute!    
The Bookmobile     Phil Brings Mail to Your Door     Everything Close     The Eateries     The Connections     The Giants    
The Neighbors

We Love...

The People


It's the people....See Rand Richards Cooper's commentary: Saying No To A Dream House
Go to: About to learn our history and community and to Kenyon People to learn our interests.


The Detail

Image of turret detail with gargoyle and finial.   Image of framed oval accent window in stained glass.        
           Image of round Victorian porch with Ionic columns repeated above.   

Visit House Map to see our lovely homes.

The History

Early History:  Old Hartford Postcards 

       Old State House photo

 Thomas Hooker (1636)   Old State House (1797)

Photos with permission of State of Connecticut


Walking to Restaurants



Visiting on Porches


Historic House Renovations


Photo by Sherry



Concerts in the Park
2007 Events 




Tall Trees


City Gardens





Elizabeth Park in your own back yard!
Elizabeth Park    Old Photos    History of Elizabeth Park

Rose Arch Photo with permission of Friends of Elizabeth Park                                            



No Commute ! 

Nipping home for lunch - being there for all your kids' activities
   ---  having an extra hour and a half in your day!

Cutting Gasoline Use !

For every doubling of population density, mileage efficiency improves by 25%.
Come, live closer to us.  You'll help with global warming, cleaner air, can cut the miles you drive by half or more.  You'll become less dependant on oil shortages, price spikes and foreign oil.  
Give up that second car?
We're on two bus lines, can walk or bike to most anything.  The train is about a mile away.  A shuttle goes right to Bradley Airport.  It's hard to beat that many alternative ways to get around.


The BookMobile   (every Monday, brings any book you want).  
3:45-4:10 (Kenyon and Fern)  
                                                   5:15-5:45 (Kenyon and Farmington) 

                                                   City Schedule    Hfd Public Library

The Library on Wheels

Photo from City of Hartford

Phil Brings Mail to Our Door  (and keeps us up to date).


Everything Close

A quick trip to a great library, the Atheneum, a play, a lecture, 
a museum, a film, the game, your gym, a boat, a class (an education!), your job ...any store.
...and your choice of emergency rooms.
Just visit Links to see what's just a heartbeat away!

  Woman Before A Glass
  Outside Real art Ways 

  Photo of Connecticut State Capitol       

See photo credits, below.

The Eateries
at the end of the block

Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Brazilian, Tavern, Vegan, 
Mexican, Middle Eastern, Abyssinian!  BreakfastFast Food?
Your choice of pizza (Greek, thin crust, designer).  
Exotic Teas
,   Beer on Tap,   Cocktails on the Terrace.

All just at the end the blockA restaurant neighborhoodA restaurant city.



The Connections

The conversation, the energy, the organization, the expertise, the friendship, 
the activism, the gossip.

Old friends, old institutions, craftgroup, playgroup, bookgroup
 - lasting for decades.

Photo by Victoria                                                                                                



The Giants

Here is where Sam and Elizabeth, Harriet and Mark, Kate and Wallace 
all called home.

   Samuel Colt (19th century engraving)
Elizabeth Colt                     Sam Colt   

Harriet Beecher Stowe     At Home with Family in Hartford, CT

      Harriet Beecher Stowe    Women's Hall of Fame    Uncle Tom's Cabin at 150 
                                      Mark Twain    Scrapbook    

  Wallace Stevens

    Kate Hepburn  Kate's Mom     Wallace Stevens  2  walk  13 Ways

See photo credits, below.

The Neighbors

We are old, young, rich, poor, gay, straight. 
Single, couples, kids, grown kids, no kids. 
White collar, blue collar, no collar, owner, renter.
Student, artist, entrepreneur, executive, educator, laborer, motivator, activist, bureaucrat.
Black, White, Asian, Latino....

...and we all live together on this one block in Hartford.

---- ----

Visit House Map to see our lovely homes.

Learn more about us, our history, our block, neighborhood and city. 
Learn how to build a community from the block up.  
Visit  About Us.  

Kenyon People has a bit about the interests of some of the people who live here.

Photo Gallery shows some of the special events we've had on the block in the past several years.


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