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My Opinion.

I have never cared for the term "solid state". It implies that the technology it replaced, namely the vacuum tube, was made of liquids or gasses. True, some special purpose tubes were filled with gas but the tubes themselves were made of glass and metal which are solids at room temperature. For the adjective that describes the technology based on silicon I prefer "semiconductor". That is what you will see in these pages.

This site was begun on July 27, 2006. It is under construction.
Like other web sites I have set up it will likely never be finished.

What do I need to have fun with transistors?
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The Basic Stuff
DC Circuits
AC Circuits
Semiconductor Diodes
The Bipolar Junction Transistor
The Field Effect Transistor
AM, SSB, and FM
Textbook, Electronics for Non-Engineers
Textbook, Troubleshooting
How AM Radio Works
Build a Crystal Set
Drain Detector
Gate Leak Detector
Infinite Impedance Detector
Base Detector
The All Japanese 6
General Information
The Converter
The IF Amplifier
Detector and AGC
Audio Amplifier
Construction Projects.
An Intermodulation Distortion Analyzer.
Breadboards With Built-in Power Supplies.
Audio Amplifiers, How They Work.
Power Transformers
A Technical Discussion of Power Supplies. Not for the faint of heart.
Some Useful Audio Circuits.
Building Amplifiers
200 Watt Per Channel Complementary.
Useful Information.
Data on some current and a few historic transistors
Free Downloads
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Are you curious about vacuum tubes? You may have heard
your father or grandfather talk about them. You may have
even seen them in old equipment.

If you would like to learn
more, visit Fun with Tubes.

Who and What.

This web site is owned and operated, as a hobby, by Max Robinson. As time goes by I will post tutorials on the fundamentals of electricity and electronics, and interesting circuits you can build with transistors and op amps.

I have a master's degree in electrical engineering from the University of Florida 1966. If you have any questions or suggestions feel free to email me.

If I Don't Answer...

I scrupulously answer all emails sent to me. If you send me one and you don't hear from me in a reasonable amount of time maybe something went wrong.

On five occasions I have received emails from people seeming to be asking legitimate questions. When I attempt to answer them I get back one of those "Mail System Error" messages saying that my email address has been blocked by the sender. Four of the five have been from AOL users. Some anti spamming programs are quite strict and maybe you forgot to enter my address as "allowed". Check your anti spam list to be sure my reply will be given to you instead of being bounced back to me.

On the other hand maybe this is someone's idea of juvenile fun. No doubt the people who have done this (you know who you are) think this is very funny. To me it's just a minor annoyance. Even though it's a small thing I could do without it. Just because you're not having fun don't spoil it for the rest of us.

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This site begun July 27, 2006.

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