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Sach's Covered Bridge

Sach's Covered Bridge

Sach's Covered Bridge

Sach's Covered Bridge

Sach's Covered Bridge

Built in 1854 by David Stoner, Sachs Covered Bridge spans Marsh Creek in Cumberland Township, Adams County, Pennsylvania. This county-owned bridge, rebuilt after a devastating storm, is 100' long, and is located not far behind the right flank of the Confederate artillery line which participated in the pre-charge barrage of July 3, 1863. Portions of the Confederate Army used the bridge to cross Marsh Creek during the July 3rd and July 4th withdrawal from Gettysburg. During the War, the bridge was known as Sauck's Bridge. Sach's Bridge is now in a park and is open for foot traffic only. According to Evans and Evans, it was used for troop movements during the Civil War, and it is nearby both the Gettysburg battlefield monument and the Eisenhower home.

the Bridge is a favorite spot for ghost hunters,late nighters,re-enactors and those who like to fish. It is off park service property and is open all night.

Weikert Homw
Inside the 100 foot bridge.
Gettysburg Battlefield Online Weikert Home
View of Marsh Creek from inside the Bridge.
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The Sach's Bridge is a often overlooked part of the Battlefield.Because it is off the beaten path and not on most of the tour guides is is often not visited.Gettysburg Battlefield Online is proud to include this national landmark bridge on our website.

The Sach's Covered Bridge was crossed by part of General Lee's Army on the afternoon of July 4th 1863 as they began thier retreat out of Pennsylvania,through Maryland and finally into Virginia.Lee thought that The Army of the potamic might attack His weary defeated Army so he split his Army in two and one half went northwest through Cashtown,The other portion crossed the Sach's Covered Bridge and headed Southwest.To read the story on Lee's retreat from Gettysburg go to the General Lee page off the Confederate Army Link on this site.
Sach's Bridge Sign
Sach's Bridge Sign
The Bridge is about 100 feet long and made of wood. It has been reinforced with steel at the bottom and has also been raised an additional 3 feet from its original position to protect it from floods that may occur in the future. It is no longer open to automobile traffic but one can take a stroll or ride a bike across it.Parking is plentiful and free.To find the bridge,take the emmitsburg pike by the visitors center,past the peach orchard and make a right onto Millerstown Road.Millerstown Road will turn into Pumping Station road. Stay on Pumping station road and cross over marsh creek until you see the Sachs Bridge sign that is posted here. The sign will be on your left. Make a left and the bridge is about 100 yards straight ahead!
The Sachs Bridge
Sach's Bridge
Gettysburg Battlefield Online

During June of 1996 when many parts of America had record rainfall,there was a storm that hit Pennsylvania hard. Many basements in Gettysburg were three feet deep with water. Sach's Covered Bridge was ripped off its foundation and taked about a hundred yards downstream where it was smashed against trees. Over the next few years funds were taken and the bridge was rebuilt using about seventy five percent of its original structure.

Plaque at base of bridge
Plaque at the base of the Bridge
Gettysburg Battlefield Online
"This Bridge may be one of the most overlooked parts of the campaign at Gettysburg. Be sure to visit it when in town..."

After it washed nearly 100 yards downstream in a flooded marsh creek on June 18th 1996,workers salvaged what they could of the bridge.Within a year it bridged the creek stronger than before and 90% of its original structure was saved.It was a rare situation where the county,goverment and public worked together on funding and restoration.

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