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Just to the west and up above the Devil's Den there is a spot called Triangilar field.Not mentioned to much in history or even shown on many maps this field played a great role in the battle.

The fight to take Devils Den began here, in the Triangular Field, around 4 pm on July 2, the second day of battle at Gettysburg. The near ground was held by Union troops, and the vista to the rear concealed the arriving brigades of Confederate General Hood. In a series of attacks and counter-attacks that lasted over two hours, the Union position was ultimately crushed and held by the Confederates.

Just above Devil's Den there is a parcel of land with a stone wall and a wooden gate.This field in the shape of a triangle sets between the Peach Orchard and Devil's Den. It slopes downward coming from the Den and leads into a wooded area that has key position. Once in the wooded area there is a trail that if taken to the left will go around to the Slaughter Pen and if taken to the right will take you near the Wheatfield, and all practically unnoticed.Hood's Texans fought with the Union army here on the second day. The battle on this field gre fierce and changed hands several times.

With the hidden areas laid out so perfectly it made skirmishing and flanking the Union Army easy.

When visiting Devil's Den make sure to walk the "Hidden Trail" down the slope of Triangular Field.

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