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Evergreen Gatehouse 1896

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National Tower from Evergreen Cemetery

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Soldiers who gave "thier last full measure of devotion"

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Lincoln's Body Exumed Sept.26,1901

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While visiting The Battlefield of Gettysburg and The Town with all of its various attractions it may be easy to forget those who gave thier life in this battle as well as other wars. Both The National Cemetery and Evergreen Cemetery are vital places to visit. First of all The National Cemetery is the place where Abraham Lincoln gave his Gettysburg Address and asked us not to forget those who gave "thier last full measure of devotion". Many of the veterans of the Civil War as well as wars that would follow are buried there.

Evergreen Cemetary is a beautiful Cemetery right next to The National Cemetery that took some serious blows during The Battle on July 2. Many of the past caretakers,citizens,ect are buried in this wonderfully landscaped cemetery.

I felt that the Cemetery's are often overlooked and are a major part of Gettysburg that should get its due respect.In the photos above we tried to capture what can't possibly be captured on film because we know that many of you will never be able to see the National Cemetery apart from these and other pictures. In these photos you'll see the numbered markers of the graves of the Gettysburg unknown, the placques which honor the dead with poetic thoughts, the lush green of the Cemetery grounds and the cannon which remind us of the battle in which they died.

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