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Little Round Top

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Gettysburg Battlefield located in Gettysburg Pennsylvania is the home of the most decisive battle of the civil war.


There is no part of the battlefield of Gettysburg more important than Little round Top.It was the heart of the battlefield,the key to the victory,the unofficial High water mark.The struggle for the possession of Little Round Top may be the most misunderstood battle of the whole war.If it had been captured by the Confedaretes during the second day of battle there would have been no third day,no Pickett's charge,no victory at Gettysburg,no High Water mark,maybee no Union!

Panoramic View of the second day of Battle

General Warren realizing that the top of Little Round Top was undefended and barren, seeing that the rebels were on thier way, commanded Col.Vincent to the top,while Hazlett's battery dragged thier guns up.To the left Hood's Texans were on the move.The extreme left was to be defended by Vincents Brigade which consisted of the 16th Mich. (Col. Welsh) the 44th New York (Col. Rice) the 83rd Pennsylvania (Capt. Woodward) and the 20th Maine (Col. Chaimberlain). Col. Vincents orders were to hold the ground at all costs!

After hours of fighting Little Round Top was held thanks to a heroic bayonet charge by Joshua Chaimberlain's 20th Maine after they had run out of ammo. With nothing left to shoot with they swept down the hill like a door and took over 400 prisoners of an Alabama regiment. The others at the front of the hill held thier position and Little Round Top as well as the high ground was in Union command.

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