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Captain Rob and Mary Wingert


Jim Hughes

Frank as a reb....Oh no!

The Sixty-First Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry, is a family-oriented Civil War reenacting/living history organization that is based in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. It was formed in 1993 by Capt. Rob Wingert and Tim Weitcamp. We are dedicated to the memory and preservation of the history of the Civil War, as well as the memories of those who fought, and died, to preserve the Union.

The Sixty-First PA appears not just at the large battle reenactments, but also does living history programs at various schools, campgrounds, and museums. The Sixty-First accepts all members, from hard-core to casual. Our main goals are to have fun, to educate, and above all to promote safety in reenacting.

The Sixty-First PA had more officers killed and wounded than any other Union regiment, and are listed in Fox's 300 Fightingest Regiments. They also contained four companies of Zouaves in their distinctive uniforms that were transferred to the 61st PA from the 23rd PA, Birney's Zouaves. The 61st had 8 Medal of Honor winners, and never lost their Colors.

To get in touch with the 61st, to schedule an event, for recruiting info, etc.; e-mail the Captain himself, Rob Wingert at We're always accepting new members!!!.

Here are some photos from our drills on Feb. 3.

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This web site is here to honor those men (Union and Confederate) who fought and many who died to give us the freedoms we enjoy as Americans today. The site is also here to Educate you on the Battle of Gettysburg as well as Civil War Re-enacting.. I ask that you consider joining organizations that preserve our precious civil war battlefields and fight those who try to take them away from us for thier own personal gain.

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