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Re-enactors of The Civil War bring history to life. In a time where we live in a fast paced society , too busy to educate ourselves about the history of our own Nation. That Nation ..... The United States of America. The turning point of that Nation ..... The Civil War! Civil war Re-enactors are non paid and very dedicated. The cost for uniforms and supplies are unbelieveable. I myself have spent nearly Three Thousand dollars in my first six months.

By re-enacting battles of The Civil War or doing Living Histories , Civil War Re-enactors bring history to life while educating those who may find it boring to sit in a classroom full of books.

On this page you will find links to Civil War Re-enactor's websites. I encourage you to visit thier sites and if possible go to some of the events.Please take advantage of the opportunity to speak to these gifted and talented living historians in their military camps. Visit with them and share their knowledge and experiences.

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